Apple Teases Animoji ‘Karaoke’ Ads for iPhone X for the Grammys [u][VIDEOS]


Apple has just uploaded a couple new ads highlighting Animoji on iPhone X via their YouTube channel. These ads showcase Animoji Karoake, with the help of artists Migos and Childish Gambino.

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Check them out below:

Animoji on iPhone X (feat. Migos)

Animoji on iPhone X (feat. Childish Gambino)

According to Adweek, these new ads are Apple’s ads for the upcoming Grammy Awards, as both songs “Stir Fry” and “Redbone” are nominated for awards.

These new commercials should hit airwaves in time for the Grammys.

When iOS 11.3 is released, four new Animoji characters will be available for iPhone X users.

Update: article updated to reflect animation was involved to make these videos, plus removed specific details about air time.


  • tdotpawel

    I think you meant to write iOS 11.3 in the last line and not iOS 11.1

  • RickysCV

    …and what did we get thanks to simsub??? I only saw one old Animoji ad. Maybe we’ll see them during the Superbowl!!!