Anker iPhone 7 Plus Case for 91% Off at $0.99 on Amazon with this Coupon


Some Anker products are available on sale if the following promo codes are applied, like an iPhone 7 Plus case for $0.99, on (via RFD).

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Below, you can see the case comes to $1.04 after tax. It’s Prime eligible too, so free shipping!

Screenshot 2017 03 14 09 20 54

Click here to check out the full list of Anker products available on Let us know what you’re going to pick up. No word on when these coupons expire.


  • Thanks, bought the case for $.99
    Came to $6.28 after standard shipping and tax.

  • Nice! Good deal 🙂

  • a&B

    Wow! What shipping did they charge you? I got it for 1.12 with shipping & tax.

  • Was the standard shipping option. Are you a prime user? Perhaps that’s it?