Here’s Another iPhone 7/7 Plus Unboxing in 4K: Jet Black vs Black [VIDEO]


Yesterday we saw the first retail unboxing of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7  Plus, showcasing Jet Black versus Black, courtesy of YouTube tech reviewer MKBHD, whose high quality video was superb.

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Today, we have yet another high-quality iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus unboxing, filmed in 4K, from YouTuber Jonathan Morrison (formerly known as TLD), who also attended Apple’s special event last week. He has just posted his retail unboxing, which will show you more views and angles of the coveted high-gloss Jet Black colour—already sold out worldwide.

The hands-on also comes with a quick water test of the iPhone 7’s new water resistance, showing that it does indeed work well.

Morrison says he was sure of matte black as his iPhone 7 colour choice—but after going hands-on with Jet Black, he is thinking otherwise. As he puts it:

“…and honestly, going into this video I thought I was convinced with matte black, but given the chance to really look at and hold jet black—good god does this thing look good. There’s something about the way it feels in your hand that is super premium and in turn making me reassess my life decisions.”

I’m sure others on the fence will change their minds or have buyers’ remorse with Black, after seeing and holding Jet Black. Sure, there’s Apple’s warning about “micro abrasions”, but honestly, who cares when high-gloss Jet Black looks so good (/fanboyrant).

If you are the type of person that can go case-less with your iPhone, Jet Black looks to be the sexy-time colour of choice (if you can find one in stock, that is), although Black looks pretty nice too.


  • Jay

    I am getting the matte black. I have seen to many reviews of the Jet Black looking terrible after a few hrs of use and I use a case on mine so no point in getting the Jet Black one.

  • LadeeDa

    S omeo ne here ordered the jet black, hence the story and is trying to justify th eir decision.

    Those who choose the matte black did so because they don’t want scratches and ugly fingerprints on their phone. T L D is a du mb d um b. Sure, the jet black fe els looks and fe els good just like the b ody of a g orgeous 19 ye ar old e xotic dan cer. But we all know that it will be high maintenance.

  • LadeeDa

    Yup. no point in trying to justify ordering it. A case will cover any color up any ways. Nothing like having a micro abrasioned black iphone (much like a car) that will look fugly and have less resale value than a matte black.

  • Alison

    iPhone 7 jet black