App Store Crosses 300,000 Apps!


This week Apple crossed another milestone with the App Store. The company just crossed the line into 300,000 available iPhone and iPad apps!

The data comes from Mobclix which has shown that as of tonight, Apple had 300,975 apps available for download. While Apple has not formally announced the amount of available apps, the company will likely do so at the October 20 event.

Apple has seen massive growth in the App Store considering that it was only just two months ago the App Store crossed the 250,000 available app threshold.

By comparison, Android has unofficially passed 100,000 apps in the Android Market, but data from Androlib indicates a declining app rate in recent months.

RIM, maker of the Blackberry, has just reached 10,000 BlackBerry apps in their App World after 1.5 years of app offerings.

At this point, the App Store is the clear market leader and the success of the App Store can only go up from here!



  • i cant believe there is more books apps than games!

  • Most of those are free books from Project Gutenburg I’d imagine.

  • Anonymous

    The number is only good for bragging right.
    To be honest, there is an unbelievable amount of junk within that 300,000 apps. It has the highest number of apps, and also could be the highest junk app:useful app ratio. How many apps have you found to be really useful? How many apps do you have on your iPhone? How many apps have you downloaded, played with them a few times, forgot about them and later removed them when you cleaned up your springboard?

    I would be more happy if Steve could loosen the restriction on the types of apps we can run, rather than another 100,000 apps in the next 6 months.

  • There are lots of ‘unworthy’ apps, but with any app store you’ll always have junk to round off the best apps.

  • Yup – there is a whole lot of trash/junk – but one man’s junk may be another man’s treasure