Apple Takes Out Full Two-Page Ad in the Toronto Star [PIC]


Apple unleashed its new marketing campaign at WWDC 2013 to push its ‘Designed by Apple in California’ motto, which is explained in this video describing its product intentions. The campaign has been widely seen on television but today it appeared in today’s paper edition of The Toronto Star, as noticed by @drakeshipway:


The full two-page ad shares the mantra of the campaign and most definitely will catch the attention of readers. Expect to see more of these ads, which now focus the attention on how products enrich people’s lives.

Let us know if you see similar prints ads anywhere else!

[via 9to5Mac]


  • sponticelli

    It’s normal to do marketing with focus on “Designed in California” for people in USA, but what I don’t understand is advertising that nationalism outside US borders. I don’t think canadians will buy more Apple devices because they are designed in USA instead of China.

  • FragilityG4

    Quid pro quo … What’s good for the US is good for us.

  • Jason


    And that ad looks like a waste of Advertising dollars. I guess they can afford to sh t out money for ads like that with how much they charge us for our devices.

  • xxxJDxxx

    What does the ad say?

  • This message of this campaign is more along the lines of “designed with love and dedication” than it is about being designed in the US. It’s about bring proud to sign their work. The signature just happens to be “Designed by Apple in California.”

  • They charge what people are willing to pay. If you don’t think their products are worth it, then don’t buy them.

  • Jason

    I love the apple products. I still think the ad is dumb and a waste of money.

  • They’ve set up a website for the campaign that has the same wording over a different image: