Apple’s 2013 Black Friday Sale Now Live in Canada and USA (Gift Cards!)


Apple’s 2013 Black Friday sale is now live in Canada and the USA. Earlier today, Australia’s sale went live and we saw discounts in the form of gift cards, but later on the UK and EU sale went live to reveal cash discounts like previous sales in the past, teasing those shoppers in North America anticipating what could come.

As for Canada and the USA, this year the sales are in the form of Apple Store gift cards—here’s what you’ll get:

  • iPad Air – $75 gift card
  • iPad mini – $50 gift card
  • iPad 2 – $50 gift card
  • Mac – $150 gift card
  • iPod touch – $50 gift card
  • iPod nano – $25 gift card
  • Apple TV – $25 gift card
  • AirPort Extreme – $50 gift card
  • AirPort Time Capsule – $50 gift card
  • Accessories: various, $25-$50

Screenshot 2013 11 29 00 26 50

Screenshot 2013 11 29 00 26 57

Screenshot 2013 11 29 00 27 04

What are you going to jump on today? The sales are available online and at Apple retail stores. Are you disappointed the sales aren’t in the form of cash discounts?

Of course, don’t forget Best Buy, Future Shop, Staples and Target for your Apple Black Friday deals too.


  • Calvin Wang

    too bad gift card offer not combined with education store pricing …

    if you compare with education store prices, if you choose any real upgrades eg more RAM, larger SSD (which are discounted on edu store) the savings becomes negligible with maxed out MBA or retina MBP models (between $30-50) especially considering you need to spend the gift card … somewhat better savings if you buy base MBA models (only $50 cheaper on edu store, plus get $150 gift card)

    p.s. there is also a 10x air miles shops bonus offer now

  • What? I didn’t see the 10x Air Miles Shops offer. I just finished placing my order!

  • Calvin Wang

    if you scroll to the bottom, you can select which store’s are eligible and how many miles you get for spending a certain amount of $ (eg. $1500 = 750 bonus air miles) and apple store is listed