Apple’s $35 iPhone Battery Replacement in Canada Now Live [u]


Update Jan. 2/2018: Apple is now replacing batteries for iPhone 6 or newer regardless of diagnostic tests and yep, we can confirm the practice is true.

Earlier this week, Apple announced a discounted out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement program, to start in January 2018. However, just days before the New Year, Apple has made the battery program effective immediately, instead of starting in January 2018.

Apple told Axios in a statement, “We expected to need more time to be ready, but we are happy to offer our customers the lower pricing right away,” adding, “Initial supplies of some replacement batteries may be limited.”

We can confirm this early iPhone battery replacement program also starts today in Canada, according to the Apple Store we spoke with on the phone. Customers looking to get an iPhone battery swap must first go through a diagnostic process to see if they are eligible first. Normally $99 CAD, an out-of-warranty battery swap is now just $35 CAD.

Apple launched their discounted iPhone battery replacement program after they apologized for their poor communication when it came to iOS slowing down CPU clock speeds in older iPhones with aging batteries, to prevent sudden shutdowns.

The following iPhone models are available for a $35 CAD out-of-warranty battery replacement, according to Apple (“iPhone 6 or later”):

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus

Apple concluded the “continued chemical aging” of batteries in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models are a cause of slower performance in “certain situations”, which is why iOS 10.2.1 included optimizations to slow down CPU clock speeds to prevent unexpected shutdowns, and a similar feature made available in iOS 11.2 for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Let us know if you’re going to be visiting an Apple Store today to try and get an out-of-warranty battery replacement.


  • jabohn

    So you can only get this done at an Apple Store?

  • You could try phone support too, but I’m not sure if they can do the same diagnostics remotely (haven’t tried before).

  • jabohn

    Maybe I’ll wait until their website is updated. I don’t see anything other than the initial announcement. I’ve had AppleCare do remote battery diagnostics before.

  • I would give it a go anyways, and try to beat the rush. Sounds like the battery policy is now live throughout all support channels, so that would include phone support too.

  • Meghan Wong

    I just booked my appointment and chose the “other” category and explained that I wanted my iPhone 6S Plus battery to be replaced in the comments.

  • Nice! Let us know how it goes!

  • Guest

    If anyone completes the procedure and receives a battery replacement, please confirm if Apple requires you to surrender all rights to participate in any upcoming related class action lawsuits. Thanks.

  • Dave B

    Is the replacement (assuming qualification via the diagnostic process) performed in store while you wait – i.e. you don’t have to send the phone off?

  • Stroodle

    So the issue is the phone slows down to protect components from damage due to battery loosing its life, is it as simple as installing the new battery and off to the races or does something need to be ‘reset’ within in order to get your speed back? I haven’t read the answer to this anywhere yet.

  • Zirak Chowdhry

    Just checked with Apple Store Square One (went in store) they told me they won’t do $35 battery replacements until December 2018. I mentioned that some other Canadian Apple stores are already doing it and the employee mentioned that “that’s not true we would know, our systems are linked”.

  • Bill___A

    “they” told you? Or an employee who doens’t know anything told you? report them to the manager, the sooner those types of people are gone, the better. That know it all type of person just wastes everyone’s time and causes frustration.

  • Guest

    I was able to do it and have it replaced within 2 hours at coquitlam centre’s Apple store.

  • Gary Bowen

    I asked at the Calgary Chinook Mall store in December, and they said they quote two hours to do it in store, but it would likely only take 45 minutes.

  • Awesome, thanks for sharing!

  • Barbara

    Where would you go in Duncan BC to get a replacement?

  • Looks like you’d have to visit an Apple store on the mainland or do phone support but that requires sending your device away.

  • Peggy

    Check to see if there are any authorized iPhone repair shops on the island and see if Apple is setting them up with the same thing

  • Peggy

    Give the third party shops a little bit of time. Cause of the holidays, Apple might not have it rolled out with them

  • Flash

    Dear God, this kids a fool – dec 2018! Or did he mean Jan? Dec is a year away. Regardless, he is wrong.

  • Stefan

    Are you sure you want to replace your battery since a year from now your battery will age again and you will have the same problem.

    The battery swap is only a temporary solution. I think there is a fundamental issue with the SoC or with Software that controls it. That is what needs to be fixed really. Battery replacement is not a fix but a patch.

  • Booby

    Would they deny you if you had replaced the lcd yourself? I assume the diag may detect that the lcd isn’t OEM.

  • Flash

    Yes, the phone does some low level battery function tests and when it falls below a certain level it slows the phone down to ensure the power usage does not get to a point where it will shutdown when charged. When you replace the battery it passes the tests and won’t slow down.

  • Riddlemethis

    The real problem is iPhone batteries are inferior especially since no other manufacturer resorts to throttling devices because of the age of the battery. This will eventually be revealed in court.

    In the meantime, don’t be foolish in trying to replace the battery yourself just to save a few dollars.

  • Riddlemethis

    The real problem is iPhone batteries are inferior especially since no other manufacturer resorts to throttling devices because of the age of the battery. This will eventually be revealed in court.

    In the meantime, don’t be foolish in trying to replace the battery yourself just to save a few

  • Riddlemethis

    The poster will have to do that anyways should he have any issues with the device under warranty.

  • Riddlemethis

    To BC Ferries and catch a ferry to Horseshoe Bay and then to downtown Vancouver Pacific Centre Mall.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Actually the batteries are no different than any others – it’s the phones in question which have a flaw when dealing with older batteries

  • I’ve had numerous Android phones and tablets over blogging career (50+ devices) and after 2-3 years, most of them started dying around 30%, then showed 0% when plugging it in. This is a known issue with Android phones too, think is many people upgrade their phones within 2 years due to contracts and such, most wont have the phone long enough to see this degradation.

  • Probably not, because it says (out of warranty) replacement. So voiding your warranty by self repair shouldn’t even play a factor. You’re still paying for the battery, so it shouldn’t matter.

  • All phones suffer from aging batteries. Many old ones shut off before hitting their zero point. Apple just chose a different way of dealing with it that caught the public eye.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I’m case you’re thinking that Apple actually wants to be transparent and helpful to it’s customers, read this quote:

    “Until now there was no public API for developers to retrieve battery data such as cycles, battery health, or charger information such as actual charging current and whether or not the device is actually charging. The data was actually available, but was not officially made available by Apple.

    Many apps (including my own Battery Health which was removed from the App Store by Apple a while ago) took advantage of this information. There are still several apps on the App Store that utilize it.

    Unfortunately, with iOS 10 Apple has decided to completely hide this information from the end-users (even though this info has been available on iOS devices since pretty much day 1) and with iOS 10 it is no longer available to anyone. 🙁 ”

  • razorgoto

    Is there a similar discount for iPod Touch 6 gen?

  • Brenda

    Two years is standard battery life for a phone that gets recharged daily. For many of us the phone is just a little computer. If I used my laptop as much, the battery would need replacing too.
    My 6s just passed the two year mark. Time to replace the battery anyway, so this is good news.

  • C. Stuart McKelvie

    I was on with Apple Support yesterday. They ran diagnostics that took 20 minutes and told me my battery was ok and didn’t qualify for the discounted replacement. They said it had 92% of its original capacity. Only when it dropped below 80% would a battery qualify.

  • DJRiful

    Replacing the battery, would this ruin the waterproof?

  • Lon

    I just checked at apple yorkdale and they said it could be done in 2 hours. I ended up booking an appointment for later this week. Has anyone actually seen a performance improvement as a result of the battery swap? My iphone 6 has been terrible with major slowdowns and shutdowns the past 6 months.

  • Phil

    Just called the Apple Store in Square One in Mississauga (Dec 31 2:50pm) and the person in the store said the lower cost battery replacement won’t start in Canada until end of January (and he acknowledged that it had already started in the US).

  • BigCat

    Wonder if this same process would work on my tires, which are now nearly four years old.

    I will show the tire shop that my tread has worn down and performance has degraded. And because during my last visit you did something to extend the life of my tires you should now provide me with discount on a new set of tires.

    Sorry, I just could not help myself. This whole topic has been so void of meaningful real world facts and data. All of the Tech sites have done a great job of fanning the flames throughout the Christmas season while providing very little.

    Even the guys that kicked this thing off are starting to get a little quiet.

  • B Yee

    was this done online with apple support?

  • Stroodle

    Thank you, Flash.

  • dudemaster

    Not really a good example. A better example would be you having Z rated tires and getting a flat in one. Then that one tire is patched and is no longer Z rated. The car company doesn’t say anything and now instead of having a top speed of 250+ kph the company electronically limits you to 80 kph.

    As a result you think that your car is crap and buy a new car.

    See – much better example. 🙂

  • Dom

    If you want to scam them like that, just give them a different name. It’s not like they ask you for ID.

  • DieHardAppleFan

    Shhh. Don’t tell anyone about this.

  • Steve

    Geez. Why don’t they just release the diagnostic app in the app store. That way we don’t have to waste time booking an appointment and driving all the way to the Apple store just to find out we don’t qualify.

  • Steve

    A year from now, just get it replaced again before the replacement program is over. $35 is cheap.

  • John

    Go back in 6 months. Almost guaranteed it will be below 80% and you should qualify then.

  • It’s Me

    The other phones don’t slow down, they just start randomly shutting down. Every single one of them will do this eventually, depending almost entirely on the wear of the battery.

    I had exactly this problem with my iPhone 5 years ago before they added the slow down mod. My phone would shut down with the battery showing 60% or suddenly drop from 90% to 10% and then shut off but then show 40% when booted up. This was especially a problem in cold weather. Apple store diagnosed it as bad battery but it was out of warranty and this was before the rolled out the out of warranty battery replacement for iPhone 5. I bought an OEM battery off of amazon and swapped it myself.

  • BigCat

    Yes, not the best analogy.

    Just so surprised by assumptions and expectations people are placing on Apple with regards to this issue.

    From the moment you put a charge on a dry cell battery the decaying process begins. Length of life can be controlled to some degree by power draw, charging cycles, and temperature. Just like the battery in your car or cordless drill she’s a goner. Some people think this is a defect.

    Rather than regulate power draw on the battery side Apple used software to regulate demand on the CPU side. This is incredibly smart. Android has said it does not do this. You can bet they are now taking a hard look at implementing a variation of this. It kind of makes you wonder why Apple does not tell everybody everything all the time. Like how we make our money.

    The effects of this are still mostly unknown since benchmarks can not isolate and measure it. I strongly suspect the people who are most effected are the ones with a really wore out battery. The money would have been better for Apple by not implementing this life extension.

    For those that feel Apple was less than ethical the answer is simple, stop buying Apple products.

  • toysandme

    Are you 100 year old?

  • toysandme

    Sounds like Apple does not want us to know how bad their batteries are.

  • mike barry

    Late last year I went to the Apple store for two problems after the
    famous IOS update – battery issues and performance problems. They
    couldn’t isolate the performance issue during diagnosis but replaced the
    battery. When I pick the phone up I was surprised to see the
    performance issue had disappeared. I asked them what they did to
    address the performance issue and the guy said they did nothing, just a
    coincidence – we all know better now. Annoyingly the battery cost me

  • Update: Apple will now replace batteries regardless of your diagnostic test results–we confirmed it is true:

  • Susan Pellerin


  • Susan Pellerin

    Just a question please how much do they charge to change the battery?

  • Sean Clancy

    Well, first, please turn off your caps lock and stop screaming. Then, remove your sim card, put it in an older phone (borrow one or use an old phone, your friends will have one if you don’t, lotsa old phones around.) then mail it in to Apple as per their website instructions. Costs you an extra $10.

  • Susan Pellerin


  • Sean Clancy

    Sorry about the sight issues, I hope they are resolved. Have you considered holding the “control” or “command” key and pressing the “+”? This will enlarge your text/ zoom in your screen. “Ctrl 0” will return to normal screen size. This is assuming you are using a laptop or desktop computer. You can also enlarge your text in system preferences on a Mac. If you are using your iPhone, use voice to text. I recommend the latter. Ask someone how. Some people don’t know that all caps is universally interpreted as shouting, regardless of intention.

  • Karen

    What about Iphone 5s??

  • goodsstuff

    I had 3 iphones batteries replaced this week. 1 iPhone 6s and 2 iPhone 6.
    Made 3 trips to see those guys in red. 1st to run the phone batteries and for them to tell you their memorized script about that your battery is fine but they would be so kindly to replace it if you still want. But of course they never never have batteries in store. They have to order it, which they say it takes 3-5 days (just to scare you and see if you just forget it). TOOK 1 day.
    2nd trip went to drop the phones.
    3rd trip after 5 hours to pick them up.
    And they do ask for ID at the end.

    the iphone 6s battery replacement was FREE. Some issue they said it had with that version. I did all these in Metrotown Apple Store in Burnaby, BC.

  • goodsstuff

    I replaced 3 iphone 6 batteries today at the apple store in Burnaby, BC. It’s on, go do it.

  • Susan Pellerin


  • Charlie

    The program runs thru Dec2018. So i will wait ‘til Dec2018 and have the battery replacement. LoL.

  • michael ZHOU

    I have a reservation tomorrow for iPhone 6 at markville store in Markham Ontario. I called to ask if they can tell me if any is in stock before I come in. They said none is in stock and I have to make two trips – first to tell me that they will order and then second when order is in. Why do a company called Apple waste customers time unnecessarily???

  • Goncalo Da Silva

    After taking an appointement with an apple store and telling them that I do not have an original battery, well…Nothing.
    At the Apple store, they refuse to replace my battery since changing the battery myself or by a third-party even if not anymore under warranty, the phone become ineligible for any services.
    Even after talking to customer service nothing they can do!!
    I think I will start an action law against apple for this! Rediculous that now my phone can’t get any service from them even if I pay for the service!!
    Someone has an idea for this situation?

  • clee666

    at least they didn’t explode

  • Shania

    Download the Apple support app, request a battery replacement, they will contact you when to come in a replace the battery. Simple.

  • Steve

    You don’t change your Mercedes engine with a crappy third party one and expect Mercedes to fix it now do you?
    Get a grip.

  • Ted

    Hear hear!

  • Gale

    It’s not waterproof, the 7 and up phones are water resistant.

  • Terry

    They don’t replace batteries on a iPod
    Touch. So no.

  • Michael

    I had a battery replacement and they broke the phone when working on the replacement so they gave me a new phone which I think was actually refurbished it had a 3 month warranty and parts of the phone stopped working after 4 months. So beware.

  • Hugh Burton

    Signed up with Apple for new iPhone 6+ battery in Feb and told wait till April as they no longer make this phone……. I can barely get through a day and travel with car charger and wall charger to be sure. Total pita. My wife IPhone 6 battery was available within a week.