Apple Quietly Added 4 New Apple Watch Models [PICS]


Discovered first by the the folks over at TechRadar, Apple seems to have added 4 new Apple Watch configurations to its lineup since the product’s original announcement back in September. Initially, Apple shared with us a total of 34 Apple Watch models across the Sport, Watch and Edition lineup but now, the official Apple website lists 38 Apple Watch designs, quietly adding four new black colour variants.

Apple watch new black colors 650 80

Previously, the Leather Loop bands were only limited to colors of Bright Blue, Stone and Light Brown, while the Modern Buckle was listed only in Midnight Blue, Soft Pink and Brown. But now, both bands have received the black colour as well.

Apple watch new black colors 3 650 80

The four new Apple Watch designs are as follows:

  • Apple Watch Stainless Steel 42mm with Black Leather Loop
  • Apple Watch Stainless Steel 38mm with Black Modern Buckle
  • Apple Watch Edition Yellow Gold 38mm with Black Sport Band
  • Apple Watch Edition Yellow Gold 42mm with Black Classic Buckle

I personally love the black Leather Loop paired with 42mm Stainless Steel case (not considering the gold versions or the insanely expensive Link Bracelet). Which one do think is the most balanced in terms of looks and of course, the price? Let us know in our Apple Watch mega poll.


  • Rob Raymond

    I thought the most balanced look was the 42mm Space Black with Black Stainless Steel Link Bracelet, but $1,459 CDN is almost double what I was hoping to spend.

    I’m pretty much settled on a Watch Sport with spare band.

  • I had my eyes set on the same model you picked. But again, it’s hard to justify the cost, when all three lines have the same internals, but just different external build materials. At just under $1500 for an Apple Watch, I may as well buy a new MacBook!

    The dark sport looks good and for future generations of Apple Watch, I may revisit the stainless option with link bracelet.

  • Rob Raymond

    Even then, I find the link bracelet just too expensive for a “strap”. Ideally, I would have liked for them to release a poor man’s version of it.

    There’s always the option of 3rd party bands, but that’s a whole other discussion 🙂

  • nightfly

    Sadly I am in a similar mindset. Even Tag Heuer does not charge that much on a similar link Bracelet that is on my Cabrera.