Apple to Reportedly Ditch Next Year’s 5.28″ OLED iPhone



According to a report by The Korea Herald, Apple has decided to replace the smallest 5.28-inch OLED iPhone from next year’s lineup, with a larger, possibly more than 6-inches, LCD model. Citing local parts makers, the source claims that Apple had originally given panel orders to Samsung, its sole OLED supplier, under a plan to launch three OLED iPhones next year i.e. 5.28-inch, 5.85-inch, and 6.46-inch models.

“But the report said the development work for the 5.28-inch model has recently been suspended possibly due to the low marketability of the smaller version. While ditching the 5.28-inch OLED model, Apple has reportedly made new panel orders to LCD producer Japan Display for a 6 plus-inch model.

Apple preferred to use 4-inch smaller screens for its iPhone. Even though it started launching a larger 5-inch model since 2014, it has maintained 4-inch models, including the 4.7-inch variant for the latest iPhone 8.”

Analysts believe that Apple’s decision to ditch the smallest OLED iPhone comes amid the popularity of larger-screen phones for video viewing. The iPhone maker’s South Korean rival Samsung is also seeing its 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 Plus outpace its smaller 5.8-inch sibling in terms of sales.

The report adds that since he number of OLED models is being reduced from three to two, a significant decline in sales from iPhone orders is being expected by Korean parts makers.


  • OliChabot

    I think this is a bad idea. They should offer a smaller device because statistics/sales have shown there is a market for that. 208 iPhones lineup should a 5.2inch iPhone Mini, a 5.8inch iPhone and a 6.3inch iPhone Plus.

    Maybe they’ll just release the two bigger forms in 2018 and offer a smaller one for 2019…

  • Riddlemethis

    Bwahaha. And statistics show there’s a market for leaders like Trump.

    Seriously though. Apple is a high end status phone. If you want a tiny screened device to watch videos or view your pics, buy a cheap device from China.

    People look silly with a small iPhone. It’s not practical. It’s hard to use too. Many only have one just so they can fit in. This is a good move by Apple but does not agree with Jobs’ vision that larger devices aren’t needed.

  • OliChabot

    Since when small screens = cheap phones ? There is a market for high-end phones with smaller screens.

  • FragilityG4

    There are people who buy smaller sized iPhones just to afford an iPhone and what’s wrong with that? It would be silly for Apple to ignore that market. 4” iPhones have been a hit in India and that market is far bigger than all of North America.

  • FragilityG4

    I think the 4.7” will replace the SE. Then I can see a 5.8” and a 6.3” as the Plus.

  • Kevin D.

    I think the iPhone X is the perfect size, I wanted a 5inch phone because the 4.7 just isn’t enough but since the iPhone X remains pretty much the same size as the iPhone 6,7 and 8, we get a bigger screen without having a bigger phone which I love because I’m a fan of one handed use and those plus size phablets are just ridiculous unless you’re 7 foot tall!!

  • Ned K.

    iPhone is now officially controlled by Samsung’s decision since Samsung is the sole provider of the display HAHA

  • FragilityG4

    And once Samsung is no longer the sole provider their pockets will be a lot lighter… I guess they will have to go back to collision, bribery and all around corruption Hahaha