Apple Accuses Polish Online Grocery “” of Trademark Infringement


According to Reuters (via MacDailyNews), Apple has targeted an online Polish grocery store for copyright infringement. The store in question has a URL of, and an old logo that resembled the Apple logo. Apple’s complaint to the Polish patent office noted has attempted to gain customers by being closely associated with Apple’s name.

Here’s what had to say about Apple’s interest in them: chief executive Radoslaw Celinski said: “The accusation is ludicrous”. The firm, which is not currently using the logo in question, is looking at Apple’s complaint.

Here’s a screenshot of the website:

Here’s the old logo that’s in question:

Here’s the current logo:

Law firm Baker & McKenzie represents Apple in Poland, and was unavailable for comment. What do you think? Does Apple have a case here or not?


  • Omar

    Fuck you Apple!

  • EL

    Soon every apple tree will be sued for trademark infringement.

  • FragilityG4

    Yet you’re on a Apple blog site …

  • Doesnt matter if its an Apple blog site. I too have lost almost all respect for Apple as a company. I love my jail broken Apple products, but the way they bully everyone is stupid. I’d be embarrassed to be employed or otherwise associated with Apple.

  • K3

    Yeah to hell with them for hiring a renowned designer and even considering registering that as a company identity so many years ago.

  • FragilityG4

    Is it bully or is it protecting your property? Apple is the biggest company in the world and other companies are trying to piggy back on that. Look at Samsung look at all the companies that now use “i” in everything. Democratic law says you have a right to be compensated for those who take without asking. You would feel the same of someone took from you.

  • Apple is going to far with this BS why the hell don’t they go after Apple Tree Inn,Apple Tree Medical Group,Apple Tree Markets that have an apple logo and probably a few million more.There image is going down the toilet with all this f___ing law suit BS.I for one will not buy apple products again.Say what you like fanboys.

  • Snore

    My car has a apple logo on it Should be anyday now I get a letter in the mail. Or maybe GM will get sued for trying to sell cars by piggybacking off them since their designs are so alike. knobs in my car with a button in the middle that are round like the click wheel and even a screen on my dash much like the screens on their iPods etc and don’t even get me started on how my watch copies the clock function on my iPhone, watch out Movado Your next!

  • Raphael

    Seriously, how can an online grocery site steal sales from Apple ? How could consumers be mislead into thinking that they bought carrots from Apple, and then turn back onto Apple’s customer service, and be taken seriously by anybody ? Isn’t property protection supposed to apply to cases where confusion is possible indeed ?

  • Dennis Couto

    Applebee’s restaurant will soon be shut down for their name and picture of an Apple on their Sign Logo, plus they sell Apple Pie in the desert menu. They had better watch out. Also the Snake from the Book of Genisis is also being sued for offering Adam and Eve a clear knock-off attempt at an Apple.

  • Danny Uskovski

    Go back to joke school!

  • Acer12345

    My local superstore carries a bunch of apples. Green ones, red ones, shiny ones. Wow superstore’s in biiiig trouble.

  • Cereal?

    It’s an apple. They’ve been around a long time. I swear. Before, Apple Inc came along, the apple was used to represent many things. Just because Apple has had huge success, it doesn’t mean others need to stop using the fruit. This is getting way past ridiculous. Apple needs to get punched in the face very, very, very hard to bring them back to reality.

  • FragilityG4

    If you look at the leaf of the apple it’s almost identical. What if I made a logo that looked like a window? Or a checkmark? Or three parallel lines?? Regardless of what the logo is there is patent protection … You don’t have to like it … But you have to respect it.