Apple’s Filmed-in-Edmonton TV Ad ‘Misunderstood’ Nominated for Emmy Award


Last December Apple released a TV ad titled ‘Misunderstood’, a touching commercial showcasing the iPhone 5s, iMovie and the Apple TV. The snowy backdrop of the 90-second ad features a winter wonderland, which only those in Alberta will recognize as Edmonton.

The commercial created by TWBA/Media Arts Lab and Apple has been nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy in the ‘Outstanding Television Commercial’ category, according to Ad Age.

The Edmonton Journal has more details about the ad, which actually features the entire family and extended family of Chris Ippolito, a Calgary-based film and TV actor, who plays the dad in the commercial, alongside his actress wife (the mother), their two-year old daughter (the baby sister) and his parents (the grandparents), which he described as the following:

“They’re not professional actors. They’re a professional mom and dad. When asked to help their children, they’re required to do some strange things.”

Ippolito recruited 23 members—not including the two family dogs—from his side and his wife’s side of the family, which included his three siblings, his in-laws, sister-in-law, his nieces and nephews and cousin, with ages ranging from 9 months to 64 years old. Now that’s what you call a family affair.

The only person not related to the Ippolito clan was actor Logan Riley Bruner, the American actor who played the ‘misunderstood’ teen in the ad spot.

When the ad aired publicly, members of the family started to get recognized in town, such as Ippolito’s mother at the grocery store and his niece seeing people view her making snow angels on the Macs in her school’s computer lab. But since they all signed non-disclosure agreements, they couldn’t talk about their roles in the ad. Only this Emmy nomination has granted Ippolito some leeway in discussing his role in the production.

Apple has removed the ad from its YouTube channel, but you can still view it below thanks to the internet:

Here is the full version of the video that was shown on the Apple TV, created by the ‘misunderstood’ son:

Despite TBWA/Media Arts Lab and Apple being nominated for this ad spot, rumours from earlier this month claim the latter is unhappy with their ad agency and possibly looking to part ways, which would severe a 30 year business relationship. Apple was also reported to have increased its own in-house creative team to compete against TBWA/Media Arts Lab.

The Creative Arts Emmy Awards will take place on August 16, nine days before the more well-known Primetime Emmy Awards.

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  • Carlo

    Amazing love this ad

  • tim

    That ad is ridiculous. The kid still wasted the entire holiday on his bloody phone. How is that lost on so many?

  • But he wasted it to make that video shown to his family. The same video that made you cry after watching it.

  • sonatona10

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  • art hackett

    Fuggedaboudit. Tim will die alone and bitter if that is his take on things. More likely just a googlesung spammer.
    Can’t believe it still makes me cry and I work in TV post. Bloody genius. I wish I had that talent and creativity. Maybe that’s why it makes me cry.

  • Haha

  • tim

    I own Apple stock. It is good marketing because so many people apparently think it’s some kind of work of art (it isn’t). I still think there’s more value in actually enjoying time with people rather than burying your head in your phone, whatever the purpose may be.

  • Steve

    The problem is during whole video, it showed him staring at his phone the whole time, not once filming any video. The message I got was, ‘IPhone will turn your kid into an introverted loner’.

  • art hackett

    Microsoft owns apple stock, as well as many other institutional scumbag thieves and con artists, what’s the connection? Most ads make me want to suicide at the desperate stupidity or greed that most of them seem to think will appeal or fool enough people to get them to part with money, because if that’s the standard of the human race, then I’m out. Some ads though, are funny, clever or just beautifully conceived and put together and work on many levels, and that for some reason, gives me a little hope.

  • art hackett

    Some people sacrifice their time to make things that others might appreciate and enjoy, rather than just self gratification or momentary pleasures. If everyone spent their time “living in the moment” or partaying or gettin down or kickin back or whatever is considered to be the hedonistic thing to do, what the hell would we have to show for it? Zip, nada, zilch, then death. No music, no art, no food etc, etc. if you don’t do anything useful, you’re just another oxygen bandit.
    Btw, this rant isn’t directed at you Gary, you obviously understand what’s happening.

  • Anon

    The reality is that most people when they have their head buried in their phones during family gatherings, is not for creative reasons, but something insignificant like check their FB newsfeed, status update or responding to a comment on a blog.

  • Anon

    But at least the ‘loner introvert’ managed to churn out a video that provoked an emotional response, which made both women and girly-men cry like a baby.