Apple Airs New “If You Don’t Have An iPhone” Ads


Apple has posted three new iPhone advertisements to their website and YouTube channel focusing on users who do not currently have an iPhone.

The ads begin with the phrase “If you don’t have an iPhone” and then begins to demonstrate features found on the iPhone such as the App Store, iBooks, or iPod + iTunes.

Each ad ends with “Yup, if you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone”.

The three new ads include App Store, iPod + iTunes, and iBooks.

Check them out!


  • Anonymous

    I love how cocky they are now. LOL

  • After watching these, if I didn’t have an iPhone I would be devastated.

  • Anonymous

    Must buy now hahah. If the new iPhone has Hspa+ speeds aka 21 mb/ps I’ll buy it and give the iPhone 4 to the girlfriend.

  • Idude

    Iphone 4 sure looks snappy in this comercial, if only download speeds where that fast in the real world!

  • Maxtier

    I’m with Rogers.

  • Brennen

    the iPhone is the only reason I wake up in the morning.

  • Codeblue009

    in fine print at the end it says sequences shortened…so its not even that fast in the apple world

  • Bvan37

    Because you use it as an alarm clock?