Apple Allowed to Intervene On Behalf of Developers in Lodsys Patent Lawsuit


Remember the patent troll Lodsys that sued developers last May over in-app purchases? Apple responded to Lodsys to note their developers are protected under the licensed patents, which Lodsys cheekily responded to. Lodsys even ended up suing Rovio, EA and others later on in the summer.

Now, FOSSpatents reports his sources have shown him the court order that reveals Apple has been allowed by a judge to intervene on behalf of developers:

“SEALED MEMORANDUM OPINION and ORDER – Apple has satisfied each of the four requirements for intervention as a matter of right under Rule 24(a)(2). The Court finds that permissive intervention is also appropriate under Rule 24(b). To avoid any potential prejudice to Lodsys rights under the License Agreement such intervention shall be and is hereby limited to the issues of license and patent exhaustion. Apples Motion to Intervene is GRANTED-IN-PART to the extent and as specified herein. Motions terminated: [4] MOTION to Intervene filed by Apple, Inc.. Signed by Judge Rodney Gilstrap on 4/12/12. (ehs, ) Modified on 4/12/2012 (ch, ).”

With Apple now officially in the ring, Lodsys will have a huge fight on their hands and developers that were sued can be rest assured Apple has their back.


  • randyritraj