Apple Announces ‘iPhone 5’ Media Event for September 12th


The Loop has just confirmed Apple has sent out media invites for a September 12th media event, to announce their highly anticipated next-generation iPhone:

Apple on Tuesday sent out invites for an upcoming event happening in San Francisco on September 12, 2012. The invitation I received says the event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10:00 am.

It is widely expected that Apple will announce its next generation iPhone at the event.

The invitation shows the number ’12’ in large bold letters, but if you take a look at the shadow of the number it shows a ‘5’. Boom.

Who’s excited? Are you upgrading to the next iPhone?



  • ingenious

  • RyanStOnge

    Hmm… October 5th is a Friday. Matches up well.

  • Erik Kappel

    “Boom.” haha, yup. I’m unreasonably excited about this.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    4s was the iphone 5

  • Erik Kappel

    No 4s was the iPhone 4, s! Lol. They can call it iPhone 5 if they feel like it no? It doesn’t have to make perect sense.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    by that logic, the iphone 4 was the iphone 3 then 🙂

    iphone (1)

    3G (2)

    3GS (3)

    4 (4)

    4S (5)

    the new iphone (6)

  • erik thiessen

    i will buy it, but i have a question for the canadian iphone users. i am still on a contract with bell (1 year left) and i have the iphone 4. if i get the iphone 5, i understand that i will not be able to use my sim card, because it is too big. what is the procedure to get the smaller one? i am going to buy an unlocked iphone 5 from apple. i want to be able to use it while i travel, without paying bell a ton of money.

  • FragilityG4

    Just go to Bell and buy a micro SIM from them and they will activate it … They might charge you.

  • FragilityG4

    You are right about the logic however in the tech world that doesn’t matter … Look at Windows 7

  • FragilityG4

    September 21st is a Friday as well 😉

  • Coluch

    Matches up with what? Why is Friday of significance?

  • Apple provides free SIM cards

  • Now that’s a smart shadow!

  • crosseyed_mofo

    i hear ya… it just bugs me that they will move away from having streamlined OS versions, not saying ios 5 and the 4s were peas in a pod, but having ios 6 on the iphone 5 doesnt sit well with me… then again i think about these things wayyyyy too much 😛

  • Fred Carver

    Can’t Wait…to see all the new features, and Yes I’m getting one :O)

  • Well that surprises me. Apple is embracing the ‘iPhone 5’ name, at least for the teaser graphic. I figured there was about a 1% chance they’d call it the 5. I may be wrong.

  • AndreTen

    Very excited, can’t wait to pre-order it.

  • Ohh

    You are right..they might wait for developers to update their apps to the new 4″ therefore release it on a later date

  • FragilityG4

    Agreed. I also believe there’s a good possibility it will be called “The New iPhone” and this is a way to embrace/mess with the rumour mill.

  • Moofer

    90% getting this depending on how it looks/features. If not I will just get the 4S at a discount

  • Erik Kappel

    Yea that’s a distinct possibility as well!

  • Guest

    iPhone 5 after all eh? Well now I have to go eat my foot for lunch. Thanks a lot Apple!

  • Nick

    So far all the rumors have’t really given me a good reason to upgrade the 4S. When I upgraded my 4 to the 4S I was pretty excited – and now really disappointed. Siri still doesn’twork most of the time, and neither does dictation. Seems to be unreliable communicating with the apple servers. While I’m at it, iTunes match has been a major disappointment too. It runs really slowly, it makes my iPhone not compatible with my USB car stereo so I can only use it with my iPad, and now it says I’ve got too many songs. The message is you can only have 25,000 songs not on the iTunes store, but I don’t have many more songs than that. Surely most of my collection is available on iTunes, that’s just not where I bought it. Then every time I open iTunes it tries to upload my newest songs again, then displays a messagesaying it

  • djepsilon

    I’m still hoping that Cook comes on stage and is like…”Well… a lot of you think you’ve seen the new iPhone already. Well let me tell you, you haven’t. THIS is the new iPhone!” and have them show off something completely different then what we’ve been seeing. However, at this point in the game, I give this about a .0001% chance of happening… (although I also thought the new iPhone would not be called the “5”)

  • Nick

    Can’t. That screws up the movie I’m trying to watch several times…. The whole ‘apple releases streamlined devices’ thing is a myth they created. They release products that don’t work as expected all the time! Who doesn’t remember when the 4 came out and the proximity sensor didn’t work so you’d end up hanging up or muting calls with your cheek all the time? It took them months to finally fix that with a software update. I for one am going to be really cautious about the 5.

  • anna

    Will the phone be available that day or afterwards? Need to take the day off.

  • Stim

    Maybe they’re launching 5 products.

  • Farids

    The number 5 could be referring to the 5th anniversary or 5th generation of iPhones. I still believe Apple will call it The New iPhone as they have to switch back to the numerical system at some point. Calling it iPhone 5 will get some people to mock Apple’s lack of basic math skills!!!

  • montymon

    I’ll consider it, IF it has LTE. Otherwise I’ll wait.

    Also depends how Rogers treats upgrades.

  • Really? Are they going to go with micro sim or nano ? What do you think?

  • Same here. I thought its going yeti be called the new iPhone

  • Yep. All SIM cards are available for free. Just walk in and ask for it. Micro or nano? Hard to say, don’t know if Apple is able to implement nano so quickly.

  • Mathieu

    That would be great!! I find the design as seen not realy desirable

  • I still don’t think the new iPhone will be called the “5”… although I’m MUCH less certain of that today than I was yesterday.

  • Anniversary-wise, we’re technically seven months late for the 5th anniversary, but I suppose they could stretch and call it the 5th anniversary iPhone. Seems unlikely to me though.

    Generation-wise, it’s actually the 6th generation of iPhone, unless you count the 4 and 4S as the same generation, in which case it would be the 4th generation iPhone, since the 3G and 3GS would have to be classified as the same generation as well.

    Personally, if they do call it the iPhone 5, I think it would be them caving into marketing temptation. I get it, the term “iPhone 5” is already a hot marketing term, and an insanely high search term, and psychologically they’d be giving the public what they’ve been wanting for over a year. But that’s just it. Apple never gives the public what they think they want. Apple gives the public what Apple feels is right. Perhaps things are changing in the absence of Steve?

  • Christopher Jones

    Very honest answer. Thankyou. I share in your opinion

  • Christopher Jones

    Because Apple typically releases their products on a Friday

  • May

  • Christopher Jones

    You are correct on the Windows 7, but the iPhone 4 was clearly named for it’s generation, and the iPhone 4S, just like the 3GS, was the next generation. Considering that Apple has done the whole ‘S’ thing before and still considered it a new generation, it’s pretty safe to say that the 4S was the 5.

  • Christopher Jones

    Not likely, it’s not Apple-like to jam pack an event with so many new products… unless you would consider iPhone 6 + iPod Shuffle + iPod Nano + iPod Touch + iPod Classic (not likely the classic, I think it’s going to be discontinued)

  • Ollik Awesome

    I don’t understand why people are complaining about the name. iPhone 5 is probably in the pipeline. iPhone 2g, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s………….. iPhone 5?

  • RyanStOnge

    Yes I know, but while Apple is on the topic of dates on the invitation this was my automatic assumption.

  • RyanStOnge

    That may be one reason. But there is so much this could mean, but I find this made a lot of sense.

  • J-dub

    I’m excited, can’t wait to pre-order this. No more contracts, I want a world unlocked iPhone.

  • Best feeling ever to pre-order an unlocked unit and bypass carrier upgrading headaches.

  • Nk

    Running 3GS…of course I am upgrading!

  • Nk

    Actually that was 3G, not Gs!

  • czarembo

    Yeah, unchain the iPhone, there is no basis for non-acceptance by other carriers – they are the same hardware since the most recent iPhone. I want to choose my carrier depending upon what I want and need. CDMA carriers here in the states offer some differing capabilities, but presently won’t permit phones by other carriers. I’d love to switch amongst the various carriers as I so choose.

  • czarembo

    Why buy the cow when the milk is free?