Apple Announces iPhone OS 4.0 Event On April 8, 2010


Hot off the iPad launch, Apple has announced a media event for the iPhone OS 4.0 for this Thursday April 8, 2010!

Apple has begun sending email invitations to select members of the media inviting them to a sneak peek event for the iPhone OS 4.0.

The invitation showcases a large number “4” shadow spread across a blue background, with the phrase “Get a sneak peek into the future of iPhone OS”.

iPhone OS 4.0 is widely expected to bring many enhancements, such as true application multitasking, to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and likely the iPad as well. The new OS will also likely hold many secrets regarding new Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad hardware.

The OS event will be held at Apple HQ in Cupertino, CA. The event is scheduled for 10:00AM Pacific Time on April 8, 2010.



  • djepsilon

    Here comes multi-tasking!
    …well… let's hope.

  • roadcarver

    Hope that the 4.0 FW will also apply to the 3G phones… who knows it may even just be for 3GS and newer.

    As for the 4.0, I'd take functionality hands down over 'purtiness'. I hoping they improve Calendar, improve native email support for hotmail; and hopefully battery life.

  • xKaMikAx

    Watch Apple pull some excuse that the iPhone 2G and 3G isn't fast enough or has enough power to support 4.0

  • dudemaster

    I won't be bothered if my 3G cannot handle 4.0 – I will have a stable jailbroken phone with an unlockable baseband. I am sick and tired of the stuck with Rogers SIM game as well as the cat and mouse game between Dev Team and Apple.
    I hope that the new iPhone is sold unlocked in Canada – otherwise I will not be getting any more iPhones….

  • Well 4.0.. We meet atleast

  • Nima

    I don't really want multi taksing on my 3G. I'm more hoping for wireless sync.

  • Andrew

    Wireless sync would be great. I would be happy with a quick way to turn WiFi and Bluetooth on and off from the home screen.

  • rorypiper

    My predictions are: multitasking, wireless sync, similar UI to the iPad (custom wallpaper on home screen, new dock, etc.), and unfortunately the original iPhone will no longer be supported. Write that down. 😉

  • That would suck if 4.0 was no applicable to the iPhone 3G. That being said, going from my 3GS to my wife's 3G, it's like night and day. The speed differences are pretty noticeable. Knowing Apple's quality control, if they did not think the 3G could handle it, they would eliminate it from the 4.0 update.

    But I think the 2G is on its last legs. 4.0 would be a miracle on the 2G.

  • With the Nexus One selling unlocked, it would only make sense for Apple to move to the unlocked model as well. One thing is for sure, I am not going to sign a 3 year contract for the next iPhone. Good bye Rogers.

  • Wireless sync in the background would be great, but I wonder how this will affect battery life. It would be nice to have the option to opt out the backup and syncing of photos, as that takes the longest.

  • Written down. I'm coming back here on Thursday. 😉

  • Carl W.

    I read somewhere that the original iPhone will lose support, but 3G will still be supported. iPhone 3G will most likely lose support for iPhone OS 5.0.

  • lello91


  • I cannot live without SBSettings. It is the ultimate timesaver.

  • noreallyitsme

    Don't quote me but I think the hotmail support is a hotmail problem not an iphone problem. I say this because in the mail app on a mac everything works except for hotmail unless you pay to get the premium hotmail I believe.

    I'm still hopeful as well though….

  • I guess 4.0 will look different .

  • chantellejoy

    I think it should take your settings directly from iTunes anyways – you can choose which items to sync (movies/podcasts/etc), so opting out of photos should be easy-peasy!

  • chantellejoy

    I think I'm the only person I know who still has/uses a 2G — but I'm releaved to have an excuse to upgrade.

    “What? I NEED a new iPhone, mine won't work on the current OS!”
    Horray! 🙂

  • rorypiper

    Okay, I got them all but wireless sync. Poor iPhone 2G. You are being retired.

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  • rorypiper

    Okay, I got them all but wireless sync. Poor iPhone 2G. You are being retired.

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