Apple Announces iPhone Special Event for September 10 [u]


Apple has sent out invites to the press for its September 10 Special Event, most likely to announce a new iPhone, reports The Loop:

Apple on Tuesday sent out invites for a special event to be held on September 10, 2013 at the company’s Cupertino, Calif. headquarters. According to the invitation I received today, the event will start at 10:00 am PT.

It is widely expected that Apple will introduce a new iPhone at event.

Many expect Apple to unveil the iPhone 5S with a fingerprint sensor built into the Home button and possibly a lower cost iPhone 5C. Looking at the press invite image below, we see a variety of colours, which would hint colours could make up the next batch of iPhones:

september 10 apple event

The September 10 date was first announced last month by AllThingsD. What hidden images do you see within the invite?

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  • Chrome262

    The empty circles could mean what? white color? there is gold there as well, hummm or it could just mean that they want to brighten your day. lol

  • HFXIfan14

    iPhone 5C for sure, new MBPR maybe? Dual LED flash. At the HQ, so a lower budget, hence, low cost 5C

  • bionicmonk

    I think the unfortunate looking iPhones 5Cs are going to happen. Lime green ? Ewgh. Totally classless and not inline with their other products.

  • Adam Jefferson



  • eason

    oh no! iPhone 5 Cheap is coming to town! sale your stock now!

  • Sly

    I hate the fact that we know pretty much everything before the event. The surprise factor is gone. Tim said he would double down on security, did it work? nope

  • Al

    You don’t know that.

  • FragilityG4

    A little presumptuous considering the event has taken place yet …

  • Al

    I have it on “good authority” that the next colour won’t be a specific colour at all. Apple is actually coming out with a……. wait for it……. “mood phone”. See how the colours overlap to create new colours? Totally a mood phone.

    ok… you might actually have to be over 50 to get that reference.

  • Chrome262

    not over 50 yet but I get the reference. Actually would be cool if you ask me.

  • Chrome262

    Hey, I like my black iPhone snifffff

  • Chrome262

    For all we know those are fakes and they are just new colors for iPods. infact if you look at the supposed pics of the boxes for these phones, they look alot like iPod packaging. Maybe thats the market for them not sure. But why make the iPods out of metal and not the phones, its beyond me.