Apple Applies for Its Own Internet Suffix, As Does Rogers, Samsung and Google


Could we soon see ‘.apple’ internet suffixes? Possibly, as today the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced a list of almost 2000 proposals that could change the way we see the web. New suffixes will allow companies to create new domains for their brands.

Within the list we see proposals for ‘.apple’ by Apple, alongside ‘.samsung’ and ‘.google’ by its rivals. Canadian carrier Rogers also has applied for the following suffixes for ‘.rogers’, ‘.fido’ and ‘.chatr’ (nothing shows for Telus or Bell). The majority of submissions come from North America and Europe, and spreads across all industries (even auto manufacturers such as ‘.bmw’ are in there).

According to the Associated Press, these new proposals are now open to public scrutiny and any approvals will take 1-2 years. The cost for submitting a proposal was only $185,000.

Keep your eyes peeled for, it could become a reality.

[via Associated Press]


  • MleB1

    Oooh, great – that’ll mean I’ll be able to actively block  .rogers sites!

  • LOL — that’s one way of thinking about it.

  • jdh

    So does that mean ICANN just collected a cool $370M ($185,000 x 2000 submissions)?

  • Hmm…sounds like it!

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