Apple’s $35 Battery Replacement Offer Can Be Redeemed Once Per iPhone



As noted by the folks over at MacRumors, Apple has confirmed through a fine print on its iPhone service pricing page that its ongoing $35 CAD battery replacement offer for any iPhone 6 or newer device regardless of its diagnostic test result, may only be redeemed once per iPhone. Any additional $35 battery replacements will require the device to fail Apple’s diagnostic test to qualify.

If the test passes, a customer can still choose to have the battery replaced, but Apple’s standard $79 fee applies. Apple says iPhone batteries are designed to retain up to 80 percent of their original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles, and this is likely the primary benchmark for its diagnostic test, but results may vary. 

Although, it is highly unlikely that iPhone users would need to have their iPhone battery replaced more than once in a year, any customers who might be planning to taking advantage of the $35 deal now, and then again near the end of 2018, should find themselves out of luck.

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  • Bill___A

    I had assumed this, and I expect to replace batteries more towards the end of the year…

  • Dehop

    “any customers who might be planning to taking advantage of the $35 deal now, and then again near the end of 2018, should find themselves out of luck.”

    As it should be. I’ll be replacing my 6s battery in the October-November timeframe.

  • skydivertak

    BTW, even at the regular $99 CDN, it was a deal. Both my SE and our older 5S had to have batteries replaced last year. The SE screen went funny after replacement, so they gave me a new SE; the 5S showed discoloring when pressing the screen which indicated that the battery had swollen; their policy in this case is to replace the phone because of the dangers related to a swollen battery! Too bad I didn’t wait!

  • Lien Trinh

    Apple should replace the battery for free not charging us another $35.

  • Olivier

    I think the 35$ offer is not a bad one. I mean, it’s lot like all iphones battery need to be changed or have major flaws that affect the user experience. at 35$ they are most likely covering their chagres and not making profits but offering their customers a chance to get a new battery for cheap if they feel the need to. I’ll probsbly wait untill next year and change my iPhone 8 Plus battery which will have more than a year.

  • Dehop

    The special $35 price is only through 2018. It’s back to normal price ($100+?) afterwards.

  • tomm

    If you live in Victoria, it’s more than $35 since we don’t have Apple store here. My favourite Apple authorized service provider Simply Computing charges $56 and after wasting about 2 hrs on the phone waiting, Apple reps told me that I’d have to pay over $51, which includes shipping. I am still waiting to hear back from them about the shipping charge, because I don’t think it’s fair to charge us extra shipping, just because we don’t have Apple store here.

  • Barbara

    Ultimac Technologies Inc.
    January 8 . Duncan
    Due to high volume of repairs, iPhone batteries are currently constrained worldwide. Batteries can take anywhere from two weeks to 4 months for our stock to replenish.

    Please call to confirm availability on your model of iPhone prior to coming it. There are no reservations available due to ETAs being vague from Apple.

    Ultimac Technologies Inc.
    January 2 at 10:17am · Duncan ·
    Naturally we are getting a lot of questions about the iPhone battery replacements and costs to do so.
    To have your battery replaced on an iPhone 6 (or newer) it is $45+tax (includes labour).
    The discounted rate is ONLY available if your battery has failed or consumed.

    Please back up your device to iCloud or iTunes prior to coming in, as there is a high chance we will have to restore your device.

    Replacement of your battery takes about one business day due to high volume.
    We cannot take scheduled appointments at this time.

  • Olivier

    Yes I know. I’ll wait to change the battery in december 2018 so I have a year old phone but a fresh battery. I’m saying it’S a great price right now especially because of the fact that usually it’s more than a hundred.

  • Captain H. Morgan

    By the way, I just came back from Apple Store at Eaton Centre. I am hoping to get my 6s’ battery replaced before my AppleCare expires at the end of January. Since the results came out that my battery life is still over 80%, the technician at Apple refused to replaced my battery. He said it has to be lower than 80% to qualify. So the “regardless of the battery result” has become subjective.