Apple Begins “Ship To Store” Service In San Francisco, USA


Last week, one of our readers pointed out Canadian Apple Stores offering ‘Reserve and Pick up” service for the iPhone 4S in which customers would just select their province, Apple store location, and choose an available model for in-store pick up. Today, Apple has taken this one step further by debuting its “Ship To Store” service in USA, starting with San Fransisco. 9to5Mac claims that Apple has been planning to roll out such a service to its customers for quite  a while.

This morning, the new service officially went live allowing users to order most products through the Apple online store and then pick up the purchases at their local Apple Store.

As you can see from the screenshot above, it is now live. Apple Store online shoppers now have the option of sending their item(s) to a physical Store in San Francisco.  Others soon will follow leading up to the holidays.

The program will gradually make its way throughout the United States over the upcoming weeks and months. Unfortunately, there is no word of such a service coming to Canada or any other country except the US for the time being.

So guys, do you see this one coming to Canada anytime soon or not?


  • Why not just have the item shipped to your house, or go in-person to buy it off the shelf?  I can see it for in-demand items like the iPhone 4S, but not for other Apple products that have been around a while.

  • Anonymous

    I’m assuming that 
    a) you don’t pay for shipping by sending it to an Apple store (I could be wrong)
    b) you’re normally restricted to off-the-shelf configurations buying it off the shelf, this way you can get your customized system (see a) )  and 
    c) you get Genius service for the device if you need it at the point of pickup.