Apple Being Sued Due to Siri’s Poor Performance


There are times like these, when I read something so ridiculous, that I am truly proud to be Canadian. There is actually a class action lawsuit that has been filed, against Apple, because somebody doesn’t think Siri performs exactly as it does in the commercials.

WSJ is reporting today that a fellow by the name of Frank M. Fazio is part of a class action lawsuit, which states that Apple’s integrated assistant does not not work as good as it should in real life. The lawsuit says that Frank was unable to get proper directions from Siri, and at times, Siri did not understand him.

All I can say is, wow. How many times, in real life, have you used a product or ate some food that didn’t look or perform exactly as it did in the commercial? This happens all the time. When it comes to the iPhone 4S and Siri, we Canadians haven’t had a working version yet, but for basic tasks that aren’t location based, it has worked just fine for me. The class action suit states that Siri is “a work in progress, at best”. Yes! Yes, it is. Apple said that, when Siri was introduced. They have yet to say it is out of beta, and probably won’t until it’s available and working in all the countries that the iPhone is offered.

You can read the entire class action lawsuit here. What is your opinion on this? Comment below.


  • Anon

    Canadians should start a class action lawsuit.  Maybe then we’ll finally get support.

  • Anonymous

    Americans… geez really… u__u

  • Gerry18

    Take those microwaveable food (Michaelinas) for example, does it look the same when you actually prepare the food of what it looks like on the box? No, to some.

  • Leung Eyl

    LOL.. wow.. They better give us support in the next IOS update!

  • Gommer78

    I am really upset I was looking forward to ios 5.1 or Siri in Canada but it didn’t come I still can’t search for anything in canada

  • Anonymous

    This is the exact reason why judges in the US should be allowed to backhand the shit out of idiots that file these suits.

  • K3

    Apple better gear up some extra legal support ’cause this guy might have something here. Come Dec 21st will he be satisfied when Siri becomes…..

     self aware?

  • Anonymous

     That’s actually a serious idea! Kinda like how American iPhone 4 users now get a free bumper case or  $10 refund.  Canadian iPhone 4S users should get the same as the device is not performing as advertised.

    On a whim, I emailed Tim Cook to ask about this, so let’s see if he responds. 🙂

  • Liam

    Canadiens should try to work harder, but Americans could also cut the slack a bit.

  • Ari

    Most people cannot understand people from Brooklyn either. Did he try to “axe” Siri a question?

  • I’m canadian and I got a free bumper for my iPhone 4. I took it cause, well… free case…

  • Kraken

    All they need to do is enable Siri location services in Canada.  Perhaps a lawsuit could get them to flick the switch.

  • Tombrenner

    Tom in Nanaimo. We could beat the iPhone with a hockey stick till sir says, ah ok I speak for you.

  • Tcube64

    The truth is Siri doesn’t work well in USA either.

  • Jimclark123

    I agree totally, sick and tired of advertised offers not working or available outside of USA (they are not centre of universe as they think). Try Siri with a Scottish accent!

  • De_Apollyon

    I spent 2 hours playing with the 4s and Galaxy II, Siri finally won me over. I’m in the U.S., and siri works great for me. I’d have to say that Siri works about 90% of the time. The guy sueing just doesn’t know how to talk to Siri. Lol.

  • AppleGenius

    They will add more countries in iOS 6 when Siri 2.0 is released.

  • Gunitisgay

    It’s visa versa I hope you know