Apple Black Friday Teaser Posted Online at International Stores


Image: Teaser from the Apple Australia site

The end of this week marks Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year in the US and Canada. Apple has posted its own Black Friday teaser poster online at some International Apple Stores (as noted by MacStories), but nothing is online in Canada and the USA, yet.

Just like in 2009 and 2010, we can expect a similar Black Friday sale to hit Apple Canada. The savings are essentially similar to education discounts, but will be available to everyone online and in-store.

Last year, the Canadian teaser went live three days before the sale. So if history repeats itself, we should see the Canadian teaser tomorrow.

Here are the Black Friday sales we saw last year:

  • iMac/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air: Save $101
  • iPod nano: Save $21
  • iPod touch: Save up to $41
  • iPad: Save $51 (Apple USA: $41 discount, but their prices start at $499)
  • Apple TV: no sale (boo)
  • iLife: no sale, but Best Buy selling for $35
  • Airport Extreme/Express: Save $11
Although these savings might not seem substantial, they are still worthy considering Apple products never go on sale. It would be a great time to pick up some accessories or a new Mac. Who’s excited?


  • Brad17

    Bonus I will probably get the airport express as I would love to have AirPlay šŸ˜€ however the sad part is Ive seen it for cheaper online (everyday, not just sale prices) than it is from apple when it’s on sale. Pathetic.

  • coop

    US, absolutely – Canada, not so much…. anything here is just leakage across the border. Mostly cases of large corporations not remembering/realising/caring that Canada is a different country, and doesn’t have Thanksgiving at the same time as the US.


  • Hope there are some good deals on iMacs.