Apple Canada’s iPhone 6 Reserve and Pick Up Returns Again, Now Live


Didn’t get your unlocked iPhone 6 from Apple? If you don’t want to wait in line and missed out on the original Reserve and Pick Up window during last week’s pre-order chaos, Apple’s website has started up the service once again.

According to the reservation page, earlier tonight it told customers:

“Please come back tomorrow to reserve your iPhone.

iPhone reservations are available between midnight and 8:00 p.m. Please come back then to make a reservation for same-day pickup.”

Screenshot 2014 09 19 22 12 45

As of writing, iPhone 6 Plus models, which were hard to find and sold out nationwide, are available again at select locations, such as the Rideau Apple Store below in Ottawa, which shows available for all configurations in Space Grey and 16GB in silver:

Screenshot 2014 09 19 22 10 16

As for Apple Store locations on the west coast, they appear greyed out, which means they might become available at midnight local time.

Screenshot 2014 09 19 22 15 54

You can visit the Reserve and Pick Up page here. Most people who used this method to purchase their iPhone 6 did not have to wait in line for very long, unlike others that camped out for days.

Let us know if you’re successful!

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Thanks Dave, Nicolas!



  • David

    Why are all the British Columbia stores greyed out?

  • Eddy Cheung

    i was about to say the same thing. the apple employee told me i can reserve tonight. well this sucks for sure.

  • AEdouard

    Because it’s not 12:00 yet. The first store to light up was the Halifax one. I got my Plus at 12:01 in Montreal. They were all gone from the 4 Apple Stores in the next 10 minutes. Plenty of 6’s though.

  • AEdouard

    Wait until it’s midnight, it’ll work.

  • Leo

    All the iPhone 6 Plus’s that can be reserved are just with-contract ones, sadly.

  • Forgot to add you can reserve a contract iPhone then change your mind once you get there. My friend was able to do so without a problem.

  • Suffn

    Westcoast ones are up and — are going fast.

  • gone

    All 6+ gone

  • Faisal

    Pacific Center- Reserved iPhone 6- Silver 64GB at 12:00:06AM. After 3 mins all phones went unavailable.

  • David

    When your friend changed her mind on the “contract” only iPhone. Did she still get the iPhone she wanted?

    As a last resort I went that route, the contract only route. I’m off agreement with Fido but will pay the full $1079 price for the 6+ 128GB.

  • YY

    reversed my 6 plus 128GB silver at West Edmonton Mall for pickup. it’s only available from 12:00am local time and stock are gone within the first 5 mins I believe.

  • Yay

    also reserved a 6 64GB silver but at Oakridge

  • Scott

    No luck for 6 plus at all… Gotta keep trying

  • Sidney

    I just tried again and I was able to make a reservation for an iPhone 6 Gold 64GB.

  • Nice

    Just got one at Metrotown Plus gold 64gb. Go now!

  • Henry Lau

    Sorry guys reserved all the stock 6 plus all sizes at pacific center, metrotown and richmond center…

  • Nice

    Wow, I actually got one at the Metrotown store! So weird because I was checking the reso site right at 12am and checked all the west coast locations for 20 minutes and nothing. Then I gave up…. watched some Netflix for 15 minutes and was gonna go to bed. I thought I’d try one more time before I called it a night and bamm! Metrotown and a couple other locations had the Plus available. Total fluke!

  • Faisal

    On contract or unlocked?

  • Scott

    what? Still trying..

  • yay


  • Yes. He still got the iPhone he reserved. But just unlocked at full price instead!

  • Luc

    Rideau Centre still had 6+ units available at 4AM. I reserved one, but now I’m not certain I can make that time slot. I wonder how critical the time slot is, and whether I can call the store to change the time?

  • Kenneth

    I went on at 1200am and got a 6 plus from square one. Heading down this morning to pick it up.

  • Eddy Cheung

    Logged on at 12 am and got plus!! F Fido!!!

  • peters78

    All stores in GTA don’t have anything.
    I don’t understand how people are getting reservations.
    Do I have to do the reservation at 12 midnight (or even later at night) just when the page opens for the day? btw i’m looking for 6+.

  • Vinney91

    huh? i just reserved a 6 16gb gold at sqaure one for pick up today.

  • Salinger

    While chatting with the Apple Store employee yesterday while picking mine up, he said as long as you come on the same business day, you’re fine; with the crowds they weren’t paying attention to the time. But I would still call and get a name of someone who tells you it is okay just in case you have a problem when you go to pick up.

  • Nice


    Apple refreshes there reservation page every night at 12am. I guess some people cancel their orders or don’t come in to pickup their reservations and Apple also probably gets new shipments of phones every once and a while too… that’s why phones become available to reserve. I was able to find a Plus last night at around 12:45am. So check tonight for sure. Heck I’d check right now too.

  • peters78

    Thank you.

  • mounties99

    Looks like the reservation system is gone again. Anyone finding the same thing?

  • Alan

    Reservation link was removed from their website, now says “Now available at the Apple Retail Store on a first-come, first-served basis.* ”

    Reservation page show “We’re sorry, but this service is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

  • Mark

    Yep, it’s gone.

  • Michael C

    at the end it will be cheaper…. to get the unlock phone.

  • Stella

    Is the reservation system available during weekend?

  • Scott

    Yes, it is gone for the time being.

  • Scott

    I don’t think so, the site is down again.

  • mounties99

    It was up for about 30 minutes between 12:00 and 12:30 edt. I could see and reserve phones. There were no 6 Pluses available anywhere in Canada. I’m not positive how it’s working.

  • YY

    Reserved the 6+ 128GB last nite and got the confirmation email and I showed up 15 mins before the selected time to pick up the phone. But once I got inside the salesperson apologized to me that it was the system error, the system thought they have stock but actually they don’t. The manager came out to apologize and said the same thing, and asked if I wanted to change to the 6, I said NO & I asked if they sold it to someone else in the morning (cuz my pickup time was 3-4pm) but he said no and this had never happened except yesterday and today. He promised that once they receive stock next wk he will keep it aside and call me for pickup. Besides he gave me a $25 gift card as compensation…
    Quite disappointed still….

  • Scott

    Just gotta keep trying, no Vancouver retail available..

  • Scott

    Good thing he gave you a gift card..

  • David

    So I just came back from the Apple store in Oakridge Mall empty handed. The apple guy went to the back, then returned with his boss to tell me the website reservation glitched out and many who reserved last night did NOT get their reservations fulfilled.

    I ordered a 6+ 128GB SG and received my “Thank you. Your iPhone is reserved” email from Apple at 12:04AM. Went to pick it up at today at 1PM-2PM and was told sorry, we have nothing for you. But here’s a $25 consolation Giftcard for you’re troubles.

    As I walked out of the store I see 3 guys who were behind me with a “6+ 128GB SG” having their new toys setup by and Apple employee.

    I was told by the Apple employee that after the first initial “Thank you.” email there is another secondary email confirming your reservation. Can anyone confirm this please?

  • David

    how many confirmation emails did you get? Just the Thank You email & a confirmation email or ?

  • YY

    Just one right after the reservation which stated Your Phone is reserved.

  • YY

    exactly the same situation, good thing is that their system really had problem yesterday and they didn’t sell my phone to someone else, and they promised to keep stock aside for me next wk when shipment arrive, still earlier than the eta I got from online order (mid Oct).

  • Eddy Cheung

    well i was able to reserve plus 64 gb and when i got to the store they told me the system had a glitch and the plus weren’t actually available. in the end they gave me a 25 dollar iTunes card and had me on first priority in line for it.

  • hk

    just tried it again tonight, 6+ sold out across canada even for ones with contract. guess we gotta wait till next week when shipping arrives

  • peters78

    Same here.

  • peters78

    Screwed again. Tried from 12:00 AM to 12:09 AM and no 6+ anywhere.

  • AEdouard

    Crazy how this happened to a lot of people. My 64 GB Plus was actually there for me to pick up today (saturday).

  • AEdouard

    At 12:00. Yeah. I got my plus at 12:01 Friday night. 10 minutes later all + were gone from the montreal area.

  • AEdouard

    The regular 6 is very easy to get. The Plus is the problem.

  • Sumit Sekhri

    Reserved two (6 64gb Space Grey) in Ottawa at the Rideau Centre right at 12:01 🙂

  • Chris Zhu

    Tough luck man. I preordered my iPhone on the 12th, and only got one email saying “Thank you;” still got my iPhone yesterday.

  • peters78

    On a whim I went to the Eaton Centre store this morning at 8 am, thinking maybe there would be a first-come-first-serve walkup line I could join.

    There was about 10 people hanging around. An Apple employee said there’s no point in hanging out because all sales are handled by the reservation system now.

    So basically anyone who wants an iPhone 6+ is SOL for a while and have to deal with the stupidity of staying up until 12 midnight each night. Some of us have to work and can’t do that every night. That means Apple is telling those people “oh well, sucks to be you.”

    My opinion is Apple really screwed up this launch. I’m a loyal Apple guy for 15 years now and to get the big “screw you” really pisses me off.

  • ????Dennis

    Gary, how many times do I have to say you’re the man? I just ditched Rogers for not letting me get an iPhone with my 6gb/$35 plan. Got in on that Fido $65 “smart plan”, thanks to you! Unfortunately the iPhone 6 isn’t available on smart plans with Fido…

    Only option is to keep a cheap plan with Fido and buy unlocked.

    So I have been refreshing this awesome backdoor resevation page (thanks to you) and just reserved my 64gb space gray at Yorkdale.

    Take another bow, YOU DA MAN!

  • Nice work Dennis, glad we were able to help 🙂

  • Michael C

    I agree with you … this website probably helped A LOT OF Canadian with Apple iPhone information. THANK YOU

  • You’re welcome guys! Appreciate everyone commenting and also adding to the discussions.

  • Doug

    no luck tonight !!!!!

  • Steven

    Same here, no 6+ at 6 at Pacific Center though

  • Steven

    With 6+ still out of stock and wait for 3-4week, started to get lured by CG..but so expensive…

  • Ali

    Guys, I am trying to get iphone 6 plus in gold and I did managed to reserve one thousand of KMs away from me lol just wondering if I reserve it on my Apple ID, can a friend of my go and buy it for me? I definitely can forward the reservation email to him and also write a brief authorisation to buy it on my behalf.
    Any idea if that would work??
    Thanks guys

  • Martin

    I just reserved a Gold 64GB iPhone 6 Plus at Carrefour Laval! At 30 seconds past midnight or so…Just hoping there won’t be some “inventory glitch” like some of you reported last week!

  • Damn, nice one!

  • hk

    I just reserved one too last night… please let us know the status of ur pickup

  • Nick

    Was quick draw McGraw and snagged a iPhone Plus 64gb Space Grey at Metrotown using the reserve system!! Sold out right after!! I need to be at the store by 12pm today to pick it up!! So long #526 in Fido waiting list!! Don’t give up you guys!! The apple reserve and pickup is def the way to go!!

  • hk

    Just picked up my 6+ 64g silver at Markville. Reservations at 8pm but went early anyway. Lots of people were walking in to purchase but turned down and told only reservation is the way to go. Anyway glad I got my phone and didn’t get any “system glitches”

  • D

    What time did you end up getting it? Right at 12? I almost had the one I wanted last night but it was gone by the time I tried to complete the reservation.

  • Wow, nice snag!

  • Nick

    I tried at the stroke of midnight and some were available but I was too slow. When I woke up I was refreshing this morning between 7:30-8:00am and Metrotown all of sudden had Space Greys Pluses all capacities. I went speedy gonzalez on that reservation form and got the confirmation as soon as I clicked submit! I’m typing this out with my i6plus 64gb SG right now =)

  • Martin

    Just came home with my brand new iPhone 6 Plus! Everything went super smooth, the whole process took 30 minutes with no line up. I strongly suggest to anyone who wish to get the Plus to keep coming back at the Apple reservation system on midnight and keep trying! Good luck!

  • Nice–enjoy!

  • Martin

    Thanks to you Gary for providing so useful tips for us! Wthout the cue on the reservation page live again I would still have to wait a complete month before receiving my phone!

  • =)

  • Carlo Sy

    Still no iphone + for Ontario on the apple reserve link. Read in the fido forums that fido will have biggest shipment for 6+ tom. Hoping this is true.

  • T Mac

    Nothing tonight, still sold out. Tried last night and I added 2 for reserve for me and gf but kept getting the system is offline type message. Hopefully tomorrow night is better

  • Ty

    Can someone explain to me how the reserve for pickup on contact works, I’m currently on a public sector plan so i don’t know if ill be able to use this way or not

  • Aed

    You could call the apple store and ask. Maybe there’s a way to do this. As I understand it though, your reservation is tied to your apple id and you need two IDs once you’re there.

  • Chris Zhu


  • T Mac

    Tonight was better, got my 6+ 64gb Gold reserved for pickup tomorrow! Had to reserve it on contract but hopefully it won’t be a problem if i want to buy outright. Thanks Gary for the link!

  • Awesome! You’re welcome!

  • Steven

    arghhh i was so close for 6+ gold..then it slowly shows “sorry, not available..” ARGh
    (just curious, if I’m able to reserve the unit with contract, can i swap them at the store..or?)

  • T Mac

    I heard its not a problem to tell them you just want to buy it unlocked once you get there, and you will still get the phone you reserved. Will confirm today

  • T Mac

    Wasn’t a problem just said I changed my mind and wanted the unlocked version and they said cool and charged me unlocked price.

  • YY

    but is the phone you are getting unlocked then? they can do it right away?

  • T Mac

    Yes they just don’t go through the process of locking it to a carrier. All phones in the Apple Store are unlocked but they lock it if you sign a contract in store to that particular carrier.

  • Carlo Sy

    Was finally able to reserve a 6+ 64GB SG at Eatons. Will be picking it up at 2PM Tom. Thanks Gary! Wouldn’t have found the link if not for your article!

  • You’re welcome, we are lucky to have a community that helps us spread the word. Enjoy

  • Manjot

    I’ve been trying to get a hold of iPhone 6 PLUS 64gb SG for 3 days now, no luck in BC, or Futureshop Preorder (2nd in line), or Rogers Authorized Dealer. Send some over East Coast! Any suggestions?

  • Steven

    another question: I got the i6 silver just for unboxing video and’s open and now i want to refund the phone to apple, do they accept or i should just sell it on CL?

  • YY

    finally got my ip6+ silver 128 today! I was one of those that was affected last Sat cuz of their system glitch, and last nite the Apple store manager called me at 9:30pm and informed me that my phone is in stock for today pickup. Couldn’t be happier!

  • ERIC

    When you reserve the phone?I sign in 12 AM and none 6+ in any store?

  • Carlo Sy

    Exactly at 12:01AM. I actually ended up returning the iphone 6 plus 64gb I got from apple to an iphone 6 and also cancelled my in progress iphone 6 plus from fido. The size of the 6+ just was not for me. Lol!

  • Silvia

    Does any one know if it is at all possible to reserve what is available and “change your mind” for a different phone? I reserved a 16GB on purpose, to try to see if I am able to get what I originally wanted, 64GB

  • tarcizo

    the reservation system is down for life now?