Apple Canada Starts Shipping Wave of ‘3-4 Week’ Estimate iPhone 6 Plus Pre-Orders


If you tried to make an iPhone 6 pre-order a couple weeks ago and missed the initial launch day shipment, most were given estimates of “3-4 weeks”, as part of a second wave. Apple has now started shipping out some of these orders, as numerous readers have informed us of expected delivery dates for the first week of October:

The past two weeks have most likely allowed Apple to ramp up iPhone 6 Plus stock, in preparation for today’s launch of the devices in more countries worldwide (plus Videotron and Tbaytel). Rumours yesterday pointed to Apple receiving 500,000 more iPhone 6 Plus models on October 8 from its suppliers.

Has your iPhone 6 Plus shipped yet? Be sure to check out this real-time iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus reservations tracker for Apple retail stores in Canada.

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  • Rick

    I ordered a space grey I phone 6 + on launch day and was scheduled for 3-4 weeks delivery but yesterday it changed to prepare for shipping and today its registered with UPS out of China delivery date right now is Friday, 10/03/2014, By End of Day

  • ThanksApple

    I ordered a plus… had to wait 3-4 weeks. Decided to try to get one through the reservation system. Got one on the first try. Picked it up at the Apple store last Saturday. Cancelled my online order. Used the phone for a couple days and was having trouble with wifi. Took it back to the Apple store last night, told them my problem. The manager at the store actually had a 64 gb Gold Plus replacement and swapped it over. Gotta say those dudes at Apple work pretty flawlessly. Aside from IOS 8.0.1 lol.

  • Pete

    I ordered my silver 128GB 6+ at 5am PST the first day and it still shows 3-4 weeks 🙁 you guys got me excited. Hopefully it’ll update soon. In the mean time I ordered and received a regular iPhone 6 from Apple to tide me over.

  • Salinger

    I’ve had my 6+ since launch day and do indeed love it. But today I got a chance to go to the Apple Store and play with a 6 for a bit. Now I’m thinking of returning the 6+ and going with the 6.

    The 6’s screen seemed bigger than I expected for a 4.7″; I thought it would seem tiny coming from a Note 3 (why I went with the 6+), but it actually was quite good. And from a manageability standpoint, the smaller form factor was really much more enjoyable in my hand.

    Haven’t made up my mind yet, I have ’till October 3, but I am seriously torn now. Seems like I wouldn’t have much, if any, wait to get a 6.

    Anyone else who got a 6+ finding it just a bit unwieldy to use? I find the width is great, but the height makes it a bit awkward; significantly (relatively speaking) taller than the Note 3.

  • I have a mini review coming and everytime I question the size, the amazing screen hooks me right back in. Plus OIS in the camera is pretty nice.

  • Leghole

    Pre-ordered from Bell 6 plus on 18th, was quoted 3-4 weeks to ship, arrived on 25th. I’m in shock, in a good way.

  • Daniel

    I love the extra real estate . I am a person who has always typed with two hands on a smartphone. So when it came time to make a decision it was a no brainer for me. I sold my mini as I now have no use for it . This iPhone 6+ by far is the best phone I’ve ever used . And I’ll never go back to a 4″ screen.

  • D

    Doh! So excited that it could apply to me too but not yet. Hopefully that will change soon!

  • Salinger

    It’s not the screen size, I love that! And I love the battery life to be sure. It’s just with the top and bottom bezels, it really is a pocketful and a bit clumsy handling. When traveling and on vacation, I’m just thinking it’s going to be a bit too cumbersome to handle.

    I always type two handed as well and typing in portrait is great, but I find it pretty much impossible to type on the 6+ in landscape, it’s just too big.

  • Salinger

    Yup, plus the awesome battery life. That’s why I’m so torn.

    I’m going to go back to the Apple store tomorrow and go back and forth between the two and see what I think.

  • hub2

    I was very disappointed to see in-store that even with OIS, the iPhone Plus’s video mode still crops out 1/4 of the field of view. Was pretty sure the cropping was only needed for software stabilization.

    Do you know of any apps that capture video that override the software cropping?

  • Marye

    Ordered a 6+ space grey 64gb on the day after launch. Time frame 0ct 14-20 something for delivery and no shipping as of yet.

  • nuckfan

    Ordered a iPhone 6 Plus, 64GB Silver unlocked at around 3am on Sept 12th. Scheduled delivery date is sitting at Oct 16-23. Item still sitting at “Processing” stage.

  • Billdozer

    I ordered my Iphone 6+ 128gb space grey at around 2:20am and received my shipping notification yesterday. It says it will be delivered on the 7th but the tracking says delivered by Thursday Oct 2nd. Starting to get excited..

  • David

    I ordered 0600PST launch day showed delivers Oct 16-23 still showing that

  • senatore

    Same here…ordered my 64 GB iPhone 6 Plus 0913 day after launch with shipping time still showing 1014-1020…no indication yet of shipping but hoping of a change soon

  • sukisszoze

    Just got notification my 6+ 128GB has been shipped and it’s arriving on Oct 2 🙂

  • Sweet!

  • Nafizur

    Note that only the Grey and Silver are currently shipping. Gold is still 3-4 week

  • Kaiser_Soze

    Ordered on Sep 12 at 4:44AM EST, originally showed 3-4 delivery. Timelines updated on the weekend and now showing delivery date as Oct 3 to Toronto.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I am still waiting. Sniff.

    I was up at 2:45 AM and sat in front of my iMac for the 3 AM. Waited two hours, ended up getting two iPhone 6+ but the wrong ones (wrong colour and wrong flash drive). Canceled them when I woke up and got the right one only to be told 3-4 weeks.

    Pathetic Apple. Need pre-orders website fixed before next year!!! You are getting an F grade from me.

  • Brad

    Pre ordered with bell on the 15th iPhone 6 plus 64gb gold and it arrived on the 25th … What is everyone complaining about.. I was one of the only ones to pre order in store for the plus

  • Guillaume Maka

    My order state updated to processing. I assume the Online Apple store received a new batch of device

  • Iaro

    Ordered iPhone 6 Plus on Sep 14. On Sep 29 my order state has changed to processing and only today, Oct 8 it is shipped with the delivery date on the apple site by Oct 20. UPS site though is showing the delivery date by EOD Oct 14…waiting

  • Guillaume Maka

    Mine ordered the day of launch Sep, 12. Still in Preparing for Shipment. Hope to get it before Sep 16, I leave the country that day.