Apple Celebrated Earth Day with Pharrell and His Apple Watch



Every year, Apple Stores go green on Earth Day, and 2015 was no different. What made a difference yesterday, though, was that Apple had an awesome Earth Day event at its headquarters, where employees could see the company’s top execs, such as Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, and Eddy Cue, going funky on stage.

The Apple CEO took the stage yesterday at the company headquarters in Cupertino, but this time the event wasn’t a regular one with official presentations. Cook just showed off to his employees his dancing skills to the song “Happy”, performed live by Pharrell, who, by the way, “accidentally” had an Apple Watch on his wrist. The “rare” footage was posted on Instagram by wt0b1t, but since then it has been deleted.

The Verge, however, managed to obtain it and made a great GIF file of it. This a must watch, for everyone: Tim Cook and his “dad dancing” (in the company of high-profile Apple execs). It’s great to see executives joining in on the fun.

Tim Cook thanked Pharrell for his “unforgettable Earth Day celebration” on twitter with a picture of the artist showing his Apple Watch.


  • Zeke

    God I miss Steve Jobs.

  • Mac

    What’s that has to do with this article?

  • Zeke

    When it came to The iPhone, Steve never had to do the kind of marketing Tim has been doing to convince us we need a piece of technology. Tim seems to be trying to hard. Steve just put it out there because he knew his technology didn’t need help to sell it.

    We’ve got Celebrities getting Apple Watches, Apple clearly thinking “oh well if this celebrity wears it people will want to be like them”. The marketing is getting weird. Like that famous singer sitting in a private jet showing off an apple watch wearing a crazy peacock hat with a weird look on her face. It’s getting strange.

    Now another celebrity putting on a show who just so happens to be wearing an Apple watch? Stupid.

    I miss the old, “it’s called ______ and here’s what it can do for you” Steve jobs kind of marketing. Simple, minimal, real. I really miss Steve.

  • OliChabot

    Sadly, Steve is dead and we gotta move on. I think Tim he’s a good CEO and takes good (and some less good) decisions, and I also think he gets some pressure from investors too.