Apple CEO Tim Cook Sold $11.1M of Apple Stock Today


An SEC filing today noted Apple CEO, Tim Cook, sold $11.1 million dollars worth of Apple stock, or 20,178 shares, through five transactions that occurred at various stock prices in the range of $547-$551. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing was noted earlier this afternoon.

Back in August of last year, Cook was awarded 1 million restricted stock units (when he was appointed CEO; he responded to my congratulatory email), with half to be vested in August 2016, and the other half in August 2021, to ensure he stays employed with Apple to get paid. Apple’s stock currently is at record heights, making it the largest company in the world by valuation, which has already exceeded half a trillion dollars.

In late February last month, Tim Cook noted during Apple’s shareholder meeting the company was still set to release products that ‘will blow your mind’. One of those was announced last Wednesday, the new Retina Display and LTE-enabled iPad, which launches March 16th in Canada, the U.S., and other countries as part of the first launch.


  • OMG!  They’re fucked!  Sell!  🙂

  • Anonymous

    If the CEO sells, something smells!

  • I better sell my 14,000 shares tomorrow.

  • Frenchyroast

    Don’t panic, he’s just buying some really nice shoes.

  • Some nice New Balance shoes?

  • only??

  • Anon

    I predict Apple will be doomed to failure in the next few years, once they’ve stopped innovating.  CEO has already started cashing out.  Greed indeed.

  • Apple’s going down. Tim Cook isn’t fit enough to become Apple’s CEO. And that’s why people were grieving for Jobs’ death.

  • Frenchyroast

    Exactly.  The diamond encrusted version to treat himself.

  • Meena00

    I am big apple fan and own various devices of Apple. but I think Job death has nothing to do with where apple will land in the next 2-4 yrs. They’ve had great products but lately they lost the WoW factor, which is only benefiting their competetors. The next best thing to stay is windows platform, and it seems promising!
    As for Cook selling his stocks is probably for some diamonds for his mate.

  • Anonymous

    Or you can give me those 14k shares. Ill put them to good use. 

  • Greed

    he sold 20,178 shares out of 1,000,000………lets not jump to conclusions but if we must, he need money for sex right? thats what you were going to say

  • This is a huge amount Time !