Apple Chipmaker TSMC to Decide on Opening U.S. Plant Next Year


According to a new report from Reuters, Apple’s sole iPhone chip manufacturer for the past few years is contemplating on opening a foundry in the United States.

While the company never ruled out the idea, TSMC said that they will make a definite decision in 2018.

Even though TSMC current sells a majority of its chips to American companies, it says that there would be significant drawbacks to a plant based in the United States. In a statement, the company told Reuters:

“We would sacrifice some benefits if we move to the States. But we have flexibility in Taiwan. If an earthquake happened for instance (in Taiwan), we could send thousands of people here as support, whereas it’s harder in the States.”

One factor behind the company’s consideration of the idea may be the concern that Apple may switch to Intel chips for future iPhones.


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  • raslucas

    Apple’s sole iPhone chip supplier from the last few years? Is that really true? I’m almost positive Apple sources many of it’s A-series chips from Samsung still as well. The latest phone may be TSMC only, but I still this that statement is incorrect.