Apple Confirms to Developer Siri Will Not Be Supported on Older Devices


With all the breakthroughs lately in ports of Siri over to the iPhone 4, iPod touch, and iPhone 3GS, some have wondered whether the voice feature will make it onto older devices.

Apple has confirmed Siri will not be supported on older devices, in response to a developer’s bug report submitted to Apple. The developer suggested Apple should make available a special build of iOS 5.0.1 to include Siri on it as a paid option. Apple apparently responded to this with:

Engineering has provided the following feedback regarding this issue:
Siri only works on iPhone 4S and we currently have no plans to support older devices.

Siri will remain exclusive to the iPhone 4S–that’s a no-brainer. Siri is the one ‘major’ feature that separates the iPhone 4S from other iPhones. It’s similar to how only the 13″ MacBook Air has a SD slot, versus the 11″ Air. Users are put in a position to pay more for the 13″ if they want an SD slot. When it comes to the iPhone 4S, you must pay to play with Siri. There are no other options.


  • Jdutch101

    Officially… 😉

  • Accordtr

    $100 bucks says it’s on cydia by months end.

  • Fastsong

    I bet it will be available in the next Ios build that will come out with the iphone 5……

  • Julie

    You forgot to mention better resolution and better battery life with the 13″.

  • Yeah, but I was emphasizing how something common like a SD slot should be standard on both models.

  • it is a big foolish  that Apple make a bit of changes every year for something that is not worth-paying for and in order to buy their product they put something new that would not be available or cannot be available to the older version and if you are a gadget addict you will come up to a sell your old which is almost $900 dollars and can be sell for less of-course  and get another one for a full price again which is ridiculous.

  • Prybar

    I’ll take that bet. If it were to be, there would need to be cloning of some sort (imei, etc). Aside from the legal ramifications, I imagine all Apple would have to do is set some sort of trap and trace up, and catch whatever spoofed info is coming in from multiple locations simultaneously. From there, just drop the ban hammer, and even the person with the legit Siri access would be screwed. Since Apple controls the info on their end (a brilliant move), they can limit access to what or whoever they want.

  • Julie

    Yeah, good point. Perhaps the next mode will have it if people request it constantly. You never know 😉

  • Julie

    This reminds me not to read articles in the wee hours of the morning lol. Makes me oblivious lol

  • Ffgdgrf

    Its not send me a check by jan 20