Apple Cuts iCloud Storage Prices, 50GB Now $0.99 a Month


Another one of Apple’s always anticipated September events has come to a close, and along with the welcome reveal of powerful new iPhones, a long-rumoured new, larger iPad, new Apple Watch colours and accessories, and a long-overdue Apple TV update, Apple also revealed a new pricing strategy for its popular iCloud service.

While many users were hoping that Apple would increase the 5GB of storage offered for free tier iCloud users, the company instead changed its paid options to offer more storage at a reduced price.

Here’s the monthly pricing prior to today’s event:

5GB – Free
20GB – $0.99
200GB – $3.99
500GB – $9.99
1TB – $19.99

And the monthly pricing as it stands currently:

5GB – Free
50GB – $0.99
200GB – $2.99
1TB – $9.99

I don’t know about you, but that 50GB tier is looking mighty attractive right about now.

Are you planning to upgrade your iCloud storage? Which tier are you most interested in? What did you think of the rest of the event? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

(Image via The Verge)
(Image via The Verge)



  • Widohmaker

    I’m currently on the 99¢ 20GB plan and am approaching the limit so this is a welcome change.

  • Ben

    I am currently on 20GB for $0.99 … did they mention will that be automatically upgraded to 50GB or …

  • Fizz

    Will it be the same price in Canada?

  • Kirk

    Well I have the 99 cents plan and currently there are no changes.. Maybe it will update as soon as iOS 9 releases? Wild guess…

  • Andy

    I believe it should be. My friend got an email last year that Apple automatically dropped the price of her tier. If not just change it in your settings.

  • MrXax

    $0.99/month for 50GB is quite reasonable. But 5GB for free and a 16GB base model is beyond ridiculous. Get with the fucking times, Apple.

  • eric

    i just got a bill from apple today for my monthly 200gig plan and they charged me 3.99$

  • aaloo

    Yeah I’m on 20gb 99cent plan and right now my plan hasn’t been automatically upgraded. Hopefully in a few days. The 50gb doesn’t yet show up under manage storage settings in iCloud.

  • deVon

    There are still old size and prices on iCloud, curious when they will change for new ones.

  • Turbojugend

    lol, 90% of the people I help with iphones, have a 16 gig model with more than half the space still available on it.

    The 16 gig model does two things, first it allows most people to have a cheaper option, or it forces people to pay $100 more.

  • sezmesez

    This is all good, but still waiting for it to be available in Canada. Maybe after the ios9 launch?