Apple Debuts New ‘Switch’ Site and Video Ads to Lure Android Users to iPhone


On Monday, Apple introduced an overhauled “Switch” site, hoping to persuade more Android users to buy an iPhone. In addition, the company released a related series of video ads.

Whereas the previous site was concentrated on the “Move to iOS” app for Android, the updated version focuses more on why people should switch. The site uses a simple, graphics-heavy layout with quips on subjects like the iPhone’s camera, technical support, speed optimizations, privacy protections, and lower environmental damage.

There are five new 16-second video ads Apple’s YouTube channel: “Music,” “Privacy,” “Fast,” “Jump,” and “Photos.” All of these use a left-to-right motif, point to, and suggest either that using an iPhone is better or that transitioning is easy.

Apple regularly touts the number of people switching from Android devices to iPhones. During its March-quarter results, it bragged that it had seen the largest number of Chinese users switching from Android to iOS.



  • Jay

    If they spent half the time they spend trying to convince android users to switch on actual software development and the addition of FEATURES maybe more android users would switch …

    but as it stands, android just has more to offer

  • Michal

    switching to no headphone jack is gonna be an issue for me…. unsure still if i have the courage

  • thomaus

    Based on the rumors so far on the upcoming models, I’m going to be doing a serious evaluation of whether to jump to Android from my iPhone 6. At this point, the Pixel seems like a better value, and better camera. Toughest issue is how to coexist with the other five Apple devices in my life.