Apple Details iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Out-of-Warranty Repair Costs [u]



After releasing its new iPhone lineup on Friday, Apple updated its support site to include out-of-warranty repair costs for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the United States.

The out-of-warranty repair costs for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are $299 and $329, respectively. The iPhone 5s/5c/5 out-of-warranty repair costs currently are set at $269. 


All new Apple devices include a standard one year warranty which does not cover accidental damage. Customers can choose to extend the warranty to two years with the $99 AppleCare+ extended warranty, which covers two incidents of accidental damage each with a $79 service fee.


If you accidentally damage your screen on your new iPhone 6, Apple will charge you $109 plus shipping to repair/replace your damaged screen If you are using an iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, or an iPhone 5, the company will charge you $129 plus shipping.


Apple has also noted that out-of-warranty battery repairs for all iPhone models, including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, will cost $79 plus shipping.

AppleCare+ for Canadian iPhone users costs $99 plus tax and must be purchased within 60 days of purchasing your new iPhone. Customers can purchase AppleCare+ directly from Apple’s support site.

Please note that all repair costs listed above are quotes for U.S. customers, however, we expect Canadian out-of-warranty repair prices to be similar (more than likely they will be slightly higher).

Update: According to @ChuckieDiep, Canada’s out of warranty costs for iPhone 6 replacements, according to the Genius Bar is as follows (we have yet to verify these):

  • iPhone 6 – $299
  • iPhone 6 Plus – $369

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  • GS

    Let’s say i crack the screen on my iphone 6 plus. If I don’t have Apple Care, this will cost me $129 plus shipping … Otherwise I pay the $79 service fee if I do have Apple Care?

  • Nick

    That sounds correct 🙂

  • OliChabot

    That means it cheaper to break the phone screen once (at 130$) than to pay for AC+ (100$) + screen repair of 80$ ? SO I guess it’s better to not buy those extended warranties if you’re someone who take good care of his devices

  • GS

    This is to a degree what I was trying to figure out. Now if you consider that you can get a screen repair aftermarket for around $60… this is even greater to the case. The good thing about the extended warranty is that if you absolutely mess up your device (water damage for example) … it’s much better then to have Apple Care. This is the first time I’m considering buying it since the device after tax is around $1100….. Any thoughts from the rest?

  • foolio

    The thing to remember about applecare+ is that it provides two incidents. If you elicit to go to a tiny repair shop and they replace the screen it voids warranty on the product as the product is no longer all apple parts. Sometimes screens if dropped badly are non repairable and requires a full replacement then it’s a much cheaper option. Also liquid damage is at the $79 deductible. It’s also a nice peace of mind if you’re deciding to keep the device for wo years.

  • T33BS

    Let me get this straight…. You’re telling us, it’s actually cheaper to NOT get the AppleCare+ ($99) and a $79 service fee ($179 +taxes) for a one-time broken screen?
    …So out of warranty (no applecare+) screen repair damage from, say a drop, would only cost us $129+ taxes??? Why on earth would I want the AppleCare+ then??? Unless I’m a klutz, I don’t imagine shattering the screen more than once while it’s in my possession for the next 1-2 years.

    Please confirm, because I’ve been doing it wrong with getting AppleCare+ knowing I could’ve spent $129 out of warranty repair vs $179. Applecare+/service fee repair.

  • T33BS

    and even if I did actually break the screen twice on out-of-warranty, two repairs equates to $258 +taxes and shipping. Whereas, AppleCare+’s fees come to $99 initial payment, and two $79 service fees come to $257.

    This can’t be right, please confirm!!!

  • Nick

    As odd as it may sound you are correct. AppleCare+ benefits you if you are not careful with your phone (ie. water damage, because Apple does not offer out-of-warranty repairs for water damage).

    If you predict you will need to replace your screen once in the lifetime of the phone, going for AppleCare will end up costing you more ($179 with AppleCare+ vs. $129 without).

  • Charles

    Very rare, but can happen is if the enclosure is bent or dented, Apple will ask that you replace it instead as a display may not fit in place properly and they have to run the device through a calibration machine after placing a new display on the phone.

  • John Smith

    Actually, the benefit of AppleCare+ is that most of the time you get a brand new phone, regardless of what the damage is … therefore, if the screen is cracked / damaged, and let’s say u have some dents / marks on the bezel, why not just get a replacement that covers everything?

    That’s the way I look at it. For me, personally, if I have a cracked screen and let’s say it’s repaired, I still be annoyed by the marks on the bezel and over the course of 2 years, it’s worth it….brand new phone mindset for $79+tax (incidental charge, given you already paid $99+tax for coverage)

    I got the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus, with the AppleCare+, and because of my trade-in credits for both 2x iPad 4th gen /w cellular ($400.00, $200 each), & iPhone 5S private sale ($520.00), I only had to pay the difference in pricing: $1079.00 + $99 + tax = $411.14

    Happy Person! 🙂

  • bionicmonk

    200$ for an iPad 4 /w cellular.. wow, what a ripoff. You could easily sell it on craiglist for 400-500$ for each one.

  • JfromC

    I’ve never smashed my iPhone screens since I started using iPhone when the 4 came out (and I’d never smashed any of my Blackberrys or other phones before that). Mind you I’ve replaced dozens of iDevice screens for coworkers, friends and family.

  • John

    Hi guys
    Brand new iphone 6 had it 1 day
    Seems to have water damage
    Phone has come on a few time was able to use a couple times apple logo only pops up now
    No Icare what should I do

  • Jessica

    I got my screen replaced today at the Apple store, it’s 199$ for a screen replacement.

  • Jessica


  • Cam

    At a Canadian Apple store?

  • Gus

    I just contacted iPhone canada for repair of iPhone 6+ and got a quote of $450, shipping by ups not calculated imagine

  • Gus

    Cracked glass

  • Furthermore, cracked cell phone LCD is equally expected to be sold to the dealer organizations.