‘Apple Events’ Channel Now Showing on Apple TV for Today’s iPhone 6 Blockbuster [PIC]


With just under two hours to go before Apple’s ‘historic announcement’ (according to ABC News), the Apple Events channel is now showing on the Apple TV in Canada (and worldwide) for live viewing of today’s event, set for 10AM PST/1PM EDT:

IMG 2555

IMG 2556

As you can see from the image above, there’s even a live countdown timer, like Apple’s website, which now redirects to their Live Events page. Get ready for the show, everybody!


  • fred

    i’m so excited i hope they make us surprised XD

  • Fatcat

    It sure is too bad that Apple can’t handle the load! The whole event is not really even viewable on the Apple TV. All sources of live streaming is cutting out ever where.

  • Yeah it totally got overwhelmed. Not really surprised given the hype.