Here’s What Distinguishes Apple Fans from Microsoft Fans [Infographic]


An interesting infographic put together by crowd-sourced ranking and analytics firm Ranker has identified some of the biggest differences of opinion between Apple and Microsoft fans. Business Insider notes that the graphic is based on over 20 million data correlations.

Ranker chief data scientist Ravi Iyer identified Apple and Microsoft fans through positive interaction on rankings of the best branding, best companies to work for, and best laptop brands, and then he revealed what other opinions Apple and Microsoft fans were unusually likely to hold.

So how are Apple people really different from Microsoft people? Check out the following graphic to find out:



  • Mark Roberts


  • Haha the TV show comparison is somehow so fitting.

  • Steve

    Totally way off the mark on most of the stuff.

  • Hosaka

    Has to be a joke. Something Mad Magazine would produce but less funnier.