Apple ‘Files’ iOS App Placeholder Appears, Hints File System Access in iOS 11


Who wants a file system app for iOS? Developer Steve Stroughton-Smith discovered a placeholder link for a ‘Files’ iOS app last night, suggesting a real file system could be coming for users when iOS 11 makes its debut later today at WWDC.

Files ios app

Stroughton-Smith also tweeted out the App Store link for the Files app, which later was taken down. The app will require iOS 11, of course.

Apple currently offers the iCloud Drive iOS app, which lets users access their cloud files easily in a file system layout. Could the Files app be a new replacement for iCloud Drive?

Another sign ‘drag and drop’ is coming is to iOS was also shared by the developer, as @charavel uncovered an option in the Feedback app when filing a bug, called “Split View/Drag and Drop”. Take that for what it is.

Split view drag and drop

Is Files the the new Finder? We’ll find out soon enough…


  • Tim

    “Today, Apple is reinventing the USB key!…It works like magic, would you like to see a demo? See…you just take any old file…like a word doc…and drop it into your “files” folder…boom!”

    This is what passes for innovation at Apple today, adding functionality that Android phones have had for 10 years and desktops have had for eternity.

  • sarge

    “It just works”

  • It’s Me

    Thanks for coming by. Always nice to see the missionaries doing their good work.

  • sully54

    other things that Android has had for 10 years:

    – security issues
    – fragmentation
    – inability to have high adoption rates for latest os

    i think i’ll stick with iOS.

  • It’s Me

    Also, Android hasn’t been out for 10 years, so it might be helpful if it came with a math tutor for @Tim.

  • Tim

    I use an iphone. I like many aspects of the iphone. That doesn’t mean I won’t say critical things about Apple or iPhone.

  • It’s Me

    It’s good to be critical of the, that helps drive them forward. But criticisms should be fact based.

  • Tim

    You’re wrong. In May of 2007, Google had an Android build on the “Sooner” phone.

  • It’s Me

    Oh sweetheart, that was an engineering prototype.

    Bring facts when you go door knocking.

  • Ned K.

    You don’t realize how painful it is just to move a file to iDevice. On Android it’s straight-forward since 5 years ago. I’m done with iOS. There is nothing special with iOS this year. Same ugly UI, no customization, especially I realize that for every iOS update, the phone becomes super slow and most features are unusable. Trust me I’ve been using iPhones for 9 years. Been there and done that. Apple died with Jobs. gg.