Apple Has A Fix For iOS Web-Based Jailbreak


On Wednesday, it was noted that Apple was aware and investigating the vulnerability in mobile Safari that has allowed users to easily jailbreak their iDevice.

The security hole, which exploits a flaw in mobile Safari, allows a remote site to gain control over a user’s device. In the case of the new JailbreakMe website, the exploit is offering a convenient jailbreaking delivery for users.

Now, CNET is reporting that Apple has developed a software fix for the iOS security hole and that the fix will be released in an upcoming iOS update.

On Wednesday an Apple spokeswoman said in a statement, “We’re aware of this reported issue, we have already developed a fix and it will be available to customers in an upcoming software update.”

At this time, Apple has declined to say when the iOS update would be available and whether the update would be a 4.0.2 release or the full 4.1 firmware.

One flaw is in the way the browser parses PDF files, enabling the code to get inside a protective sandbox, and the other hole allows code to break out of the sandbox and get root, or control, privileges on the device.

As previously noted, while the exploit gives users a great and fast method of jailbreaking, the vulnerability does open mobile Safari to the execution of malicious code.

For users that want to keep their jailbreak, simply ignore the update when it is released. On the other hand, if you do update, your iDevice will lose its jailbroken status.



  • Luvgeek

    Who'ld have thought this would happen!

  • Nick

    So what should us fans of jailbreaking do when the update comes out? I want to keep my phone jailbroken, but the proximity sensor problem is a real pain. So I need the new update if that will fix the proximity sensor but I want to be able to jailbreak again (soon).

  • TY

    Expected ! But don't worry, they will one up Apple with new version of jailbreak soon…

  • Omar1795

    OMG im confused i pre order my phone from apple and it will ship on 20 august now i cant know my mobile will come with which software please if anybody knows somthing about that reply :S :S

  • Happy

    I like the easy jailbreak but it is interestng that apple is pulling a Microsoft by waiting until they're good and ready before releasing an 'important' security fix.
    Am I being to harsh?

  • Happy


  • To be perfectly honest I don't think I am goign to jailbreak my iphone so I'll probably just update it. Yeah I could use facetime through 3g with it but most of my friends don't have an iphone 4 anyways so it's neccessary for me right now. I also know that you can technically get “free” apps but there isn't any out there that I wouldn't be willing to pay 99 cents for or even 3 dollars, it's like buying a bag of chips yeah I think I'm good with all this. 🙂

  • wuju

    Agree here. Like to update with all those other issues but want to jailbreak again. Wouldn't “iPhone Ultrasn0w Unlocking Tool Now Available For iPhone 4/3GS/3G” be the solution?

  • trini

    most likely not.

    When I got my Iphone4.. it has the original 4.0 software.

  • Chrome262

    The other fixes along with the security one is important. I don't have my iphone 4 yet, and won't for a few weeks. I will update to 4.1 before considering jailbreaking. I knew 4.1 was just around the corner and like 3.12 i waited till then to update my existing iphone. Of course none of the security issue for that one kept me from jailbreaking and then waiting for the jailbreak of 3.12. I am surprised that dev team just didn't hold off on any significant jailbreak release till after 4.1, they had an idea it was coming out. This might of been their way to bring the security issue to light so Apple could fix it. I don't think its worth Apples time now, to constantly play the cat and mouse game with jailbreakers, as they have little legal ground to stand on.

  • Turtle

    Mine came with 4.0.1 and it was confirmed by the apple store clerk tthat new shipments after launch will be updated accordingly

  • Ryanwater

    It only really matter for US phones. iPhone4 purchased from apple comes unlocked. You can use it on any network.

  • Ryanwater

    *in canada they come unlocked

  • Svengali

    If you don't know the difference between unlocking and jailbreaking, please don't post. *Twice.

  • Prailor

    jailbreaking does more then unlocking though

    personally im glad they fixed this out, i dont want ppl hacking my iphone