Apple Hiring Hundreds of Engineers to Improve Siri


The latest hiring data tracked by analytics firm Thinknum, has concluded the number of open positions at Apple that contain the term “Siri” has grown immensely in recent weeks, marking a 24% jump in hiring for the keyword in just over a month. With a current all-time high of 161 job listings posted today alone at Apple, it seems the company is finally taking Siri seriously.


Looking at the above chart, it appears the hiring for Siri-focused positions accelerated less than two months ago. Even though the hiring trend has been on an upward trajectory for the past couple of years, only recently have the openings acutely spiked.

The job openings are largely based at Apple’s new headquarters in the Santa Clara Valley. Of the 161 openings, 125 are based there. Of the 161 openings, almost all — 154 of them — are categorized as “Software Engineering”.

As for patterns in the job titles, the most common title is “Siri – Software Engineer”, of which there are 5 positions. With three positions, “Siri – iOS Engineer” has three replicated openings. The rest is a smattering of engineering skillsets, from Infrastructure Engineers, to Machine Learning Engineers, to Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineers.

Apple has continuously been under fire for Siri’s lagging intelligence, especially when compared to its competitors like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • NOHoldsBar

    Siri is a joke. It works maybe half the time and when it does it often gives incorrect results or doesn’t understand you.

    Instead of hiring all these people to fix Siri, Apple should hire people to start creating a decent iOS update that isn’t plagued with ongoing unresolved bugs like with iOS 11.3 (the entire 11 version has been messed up from the beginning). Worst of all Apple is now denying many of the issues yet forums online are full of complaints.

  • Tony

    i want to customize siri please, instead of hey siri. i want to say MEOW SIRI

  • Taylor

    I actually think they should just rewrite siri from the ground up. Would probably be fast and end up being a way better product.

  • NOHoldsBar

    I agree.

  • MeowMito

    Apple please hire me for my voice! I speak gibberish! If Siri understands me, that’s gold!

  • johnnygoodface

    We need more than Siri OS! She must be the AI/voice behind ALL Apple products/subscriptions, so 154 engineers is a start!