Apple ID Verification May Soon Be Required to Check Warranty Coverage?


Check apple warranty

As noted by AppleInsider, Apple’s warranty coverage check website asked visitors to enter their Apple ID for verification before entering the device’s serial number or IMEI, for nearly eight hours this morning. While the company has now reverted the page to its previous behavior, it is being reported that requiring a validated user was intentional, and that it may return in the near future.

The company hasn’t offered an official explanation. On entering a valid Apple ID, the page displays all of a user’s registered devices, their serial numbers, and whether or not a product is being covered by AppleCare+. Clicking on an item shows whether it has a valid purchase date, active telephone support, and/or service coverage. 

The source adds that the updated website also presented a history of recent incidents and repairs, including a lookup tool that asked for a Repair ID and a serial number or ZIP/postal code. While the system sounds more more convenient for those just checking on their own devices, it may not be so for those who use the website to investigate a second-hand purchase.

The new system could also pose a security risk for users who have compromised iCloud credentials. Since hackers regularly attempt to discover, crack and hijack Apple IDs, they can use the information to buy content from iTunes and the App Store and even take control of stolen devices.

Apple has not yet issued any official statement regarding the move, which could have been a bug or website error?


  • Madwand

    They refused my battery replacement because the phone was opened up by a third party. I am out of warranty. 6S. I wouldn’t have this problem if they didn’t slow Our phones down in the first place and have the below 80% rule. I was obviously having issues so I went elsewhere in early December.

  • Reseller

    This is simply not acceptable as Apple has given us (resellers) no other means of checking warranty on iPhones.

  • Networx

    The warranty check page has been asking you to login for months now. Two-step authentication too. This isn’t new but it is extremely annoying especially when you need to frequently check warranty status for your job, like I do. I also use the site to confirm the validity of a serial number given to me by a field tech or client when it doesn’t show up in Apple School Manager. It’s the final place for me to authenticate serial numbers and it just needs to be easy to use like it used to be. No account login. No Captcha. Just give me the results on my serial number. Why all the hurdles, Apple?