Apple in Talks with LG for 4K TV Panels; Chip Shipments Ramping Up [Digitimes]

Digitimes has published a couple reports tonight regarding Apple, with the first saying the company has ramped up its chip orders in the third quarter, “nearly doubled over the prior quarter,” according to supply chain partner sources. This could allude to launches of new products, coming soon:

Thanks to the upcoming rollouts of new iPhone and iPad devices, overall chip shipments to Apple are set to grow significantly in the second half of 2013, said the sources.

Sources go on to mention overall chip shipments for the latter half of 2013 could be as high as 70%. With speculation Apple is set to launch the ‘iPhone 5S’ and budget iPhone, chip shipments for iPhones specifically are expected to ramp up to 40 million units in the quarter, say sources. No specific mention of particular components were made.

Apple in Talks with LG, Possibly Sharp, Over Ultra HD TV Panels

In a separate, shorter report, Digitimes claims Apple is in talks with LG Display and is interested in purchasing 55-inch to 65-inch Ultra HD TV panels, according to rumours being circulated.

However, the rumors state that Apple is still testing the technology and has yet to finalize its orders with LG.

Other rumours have cited Apple may look to Sharp as a potential supplier of TV panels. Back in March, the hit-or-miss publication also reported whispers of Apple relying on LG to produce Ultra HD TV panels, citing a launch by the end of 2013 or early 2014.

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  • Chrome262

    4k? really, we have and old 2k at work, cost 10 grand in 2004 still expensive, and really its not worth it to me, most HD tv’s now are great. I hope they don’t go that route because it will price alot of people out of buying one

  • crosseyed_mofo

    sony released a 65″ 4k at 7 grand believe it or not

    expensive yes but its not a bad price if you consider how much their 84″ costs (25 grand)

  • Chrome262

    Oh I agree they are getting cheaper, mainly because of cheaper manufacturing. but still, if they want people to buy and iTV, if they call it that, then, it has to be cheaper.

  • crosseyed_mofo


    also will they ever be able to call it the itv cuz of that british tv station? i think not at this point