Apple Increases Unlocked iPhone 6 Prices in Canada, Now Starts at $839 [LIST]


Alongside today’s updates, Apple has increased prices for unlocked models of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as spotted by reader Wils.

Below is the old pricing, followed by the updated pricing next to it and increases in parentheses:

iPhone 6

  • $749 for 16GB —> $839 (+$90)
  • $859 for 64GB —> $969 (+$110)
  • $969 for 128GB —> $1,099 (+$130)

iPhone 6 Plus

  • $859 for 16GB —> $969 (+$110)
  • $969 for 64GB —> $1,099 (+$130)
  • $1079 for 128GB —> $1,229 (+$150) (updated to fix an earlier price error)

Screenshot 2015 03 09 12 58 31

Wils notes Canadian carriers have not updated their outright pricing to match Apple as of yet. For example, Fido still shows the iPhone 6 Plus as $859 outright, but of course it’s locked (and you’ll need to pay extra to unlock it).
Clearly, the lower Canadian dollar trading at $0.79 US is not helping the prices here. Earlier today, Apple Watch pricing was revealed, showing roughly a 30% markup compared to the U.S.


  • Corey Beazer

    Good thing I bought my 64GB iPhone 6 two weeks ago.

  • Patron

    your math is off on the price increase for the 6+ 128gb…….its +150, not 220

  • rssandal

    iPhone 6+: 128gb, it is only $150 more, not $220
    1229 – 1079 = 150

  • Not surprised by this, really…. After the App Store price increase in January, I pretty much saw this one coming, and am somewhat surprised that it took as long as it did. I picked up my iPhone 6 Plus in January in anticipation of this likely happening, at which point it was actually cheaper — even after HST — than it would have been to purchase it in the U.S., and that gap just kept increasing.

  • Apologies, updated. Too much caffeine!

  • Ronin

    Wow. We really are getting raped in Canada.

  • Zeke

    I’m still doing great with my 32 GB Space Grey iPod Touch 5th gen and my Novatel mobile hotspot from Bell Mobility. Great combination that still works great.

  • Widohmaker

    Ditto bought my 6+ 128GB one month ago.

  • Mac

    Not that the iPhone was cheap before BUT, is that even humanly possible? how on earth can anybody justify spending this kind of money on a phone, any phone!!

  • Ryan Peterson

    Did MacBook Air prices increase???