Apple Innovates Again With A New Intelligent Multi-Output Adapter


According to Patently Apple, a patent application from Apple published today by the US Patent & Trademark Office reveals their latest innovation, an intelligent multi-output adapter which can intelligently control power to supply differing voltages to multiple devices simultaneously. Current power adapters typically receive AC voltage from sockets, then convert it into DC voltage specifically for the connected electronic device. But Apple seems to have figured out a way to supply power to multiple electronic devices with a single adapter which can intelligently adjust DC output eliminating the need to carry separate power adapters for multiple electronic portables while traveling.

Detailing from the source:

Apple’s patent application covers embodiments that may provide power to multiple electronic devices using a single power adapter. The embodiments typically, but not necessarily, include a DC-to-DC converter and multiple outputs for supplying power to two or more electronic devices. The DC-to-DC converter may be provided in the adapter itself, or may be provided in a cord or a connector that may be connected to the adapter and an electronic device. Additionally, some embodiments include a relay for intelligently controlling power supplied through the outlets so that power is supplied only to voltage or manufacturer compatible electronic devices.

The source says that this patent application was originally filed by Apple in Q2 of 2010 by inventors Aleksandar Pance, Nicholas Rundle and John Field.


  • Anonymous

    It may supply the correct voltages but what the heck do you do about all the friggin’ connectors?  Personally I prefer the mini-USB connector at 5V.  I can power that from just about anything right now.

  • balxen

    Sumsung will steal it…

  • Aaa

    I am a power electronics engineer, and how can this stupid thing be a patent????

  • Auto Strada

    …connect them, I guess?