Apple Investigating iOS Web-Based Jailbreak


This past weekend marked the release of a new web-based jailbreak for iOS devices that offered users a free and extremely simple method to jailbreak their iDevices. Some will remember the website from the 2007 days of iPhone.

Well, was released again this weekend for iOS 3.2 and higher devices.

The new jailbreak method does not require a computer or tethered iPhone at all and instead uses mobile Safari on the iDevice. The security risks of using Safari to jailbreak is extremely dangerous. If mobile Safari was hacked this easily, imagine what other malicious hackers could do!

The jailbreak, which exploits a security hole in mobile Safari, allows a remote site to gain control over a user’s device. In the case of the new JailbreakMe website, the exploit is offering a convenient jailbreaking delivery for users.

Late last night, Reuters reported that it has received an official response from Apple on the Safari exploit, noting that Apple is aware and investigating the problem.

Apple spokeswoman Natalie Harrison said the company was aware of the report and is investigating.

The report does not indicate any time line for the fix, but be sure that Apple will have a 4.0.2 fix out soon for iPhone and iPod touch and a 3.2.2 fix for iPad.



  • Sharpie

    Does this mean with the new update you won't be able to jailbreak the phone through safari anymore?

  • Mark

    It will most likely be patched, yes, especially if Apple views the jailbreak as narrow-mindedly as this article does.

  • iPhone4crazy

    Aw man, I didn't want to jailbreak so soon but looks like apple is making people choose which path to take, what do you think? To jailbreak or not to jailbreak, that is the question.

  • Wuju

    So one should jailbreak their iphone asap with this method before the patch is fixed.

  • Marc

    Apple does need to fix this. Jailbreaking is one thing but this is an exploit that could be used the wrong way. Picture visiting a web site and they push something to your phone that you don't know about. This is a major security Risk.

  • Ex

    Most likely

  • Joker Eh

    People don't seem to get it.

  • Guest

    Didn't musclenerd say that if you use tinyumbrella to save your shah blobs to Cydia (on a jailbroken AND/OR non jailbroken device) you will ALWAYS be able to exploit this method?

  • Networx

    It'll only stop working if you actually apply the patch, which no one who has done the jailbreak is going to do, right?

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  • Earlhaigh

    F**k Apple, they suck! They sell pieces of junk that are overpriced. Stop buying their crap. Trust me, it's not worth it.

  • Earlhaigh Is An Idiot

    And your father should have pulled out.

  • 1. Obviously
    2. Probably

  • That's the intention.

  • Stev

    Perhaps your father should have done the same!

    On another note, I did the jailbreak on my ipod Touch and it seems to be working fine. First attempt did not take but number 2 did. I'm not that concerned about Apple's stance on jailbreaking and I find the opinions of most Mac Addicts quite laughable – “don't do it, it's against Apple's rules”…

  • Spleenzorio

    Why are you on this site?

  • Mew

    Your mother should have swallowed you.
    Stop Hating

  • Mase

    Why don't you go practise safe sex and go f**k yourself!

  • i dont think there will be a 4.0.2 i think they will just add the fix to 4.1 when its officially released. it just picked up speed and released Beta3 a week early. so chances are we could see the public release before the end of this month. (4.1 is awesome btw lol)

  • Jessica

    Can you guys give me 1 or a few reason why we need/gain from jailbreaking our iphone 4 ?? at the time where it gave multitasking, folders or all sweet feature i can understand but the not-jailbreaked iphone 4 do it all now..

    Is there any reason to jailbreak a i4 beside not paying for apps and getting virus in our phone ?

  • Nick

    Great apps like MyWi which allows you to turn your phone in to a Wifi router – you can make your own wireless network, even with a password, and up to 10 (i think) computers can connect to it and share the internet from your phone. Also My3G which will allow facetime over the 3G network as well as watching youtube videos in full quality – normally when you're on the 3G network youtube videos play back in low grainy quality.

  • You will be able to jailbreak with this method on 4.0.0 or 4.0.1 or earlier firmware always.
    If you upgrade to 4.1 or anything newer, you will lose this method of jailbreaking.

  • I am all for Jailbreaking, Although i do not do it anymore for the reasons that most the features i like are now standard on iOS 4.1 (beta). But on the other hand im all for Security too. The fact that Safari has a wide open Hole perhaps more then one scares me a little. I think Comox Did a brilliant job, but if his work, or this hold falls in to the hands of the general public to find out EXACLY what he did, this could turn out really bad for iphone Base web surfing. That being said im on Apples side of patching it this time. USB jailbreaks i see as less risk to the end user. Correct me if im wrong, because im always willing to hear other people point of views as well.

  • Throbbingego

    Uhm… what is the author of this article smoking? It doesn't seem that Ex is very knowledgeable about the implications of this jailbreak.

    How are the security risks of using Safari to jailbreak an iPhone “extremely dangerous?” The security exploit would have existed regardless of whether or not a jailbreak was developed, only now Apple and the public are both aware that the exploit exists. Imagine if the jailbreak community DIDN'T use this exploit and blackhat hackers discovered it instead. Our phones would be uncompromisable, and we wouldn't know. Apple is lucky that this security hole in their browser was discovered under such benign and public circumstances.

    There's no more “danger” in jailbreaking a phone through a webpage than through a program you've installed on your desktop computer. Malicious code could hypothetically be injected into either method, just as easily.

  • Throbbingego

    *Compromisable, not uncompromisable. My spellcheck is possessed.

  • Throbbingego

    Now, what should REALLY scare all of us is, because Apple discourages jailbreaks and actively fights methods of patching their firmware, the Jailbreak devs SIT on their exploits. Meaning there are exploits that Apple doesn't know about, that exist within current firmware, that could also be potentially discovered by other parties, perhaps with a more malicious agenda.

    Its not the released Jailbreaks that are bad for security. Its the unreleased ones.

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  • Imagequestpro

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