Apple Launches iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011


Apple has just sent out an email to its developers to broadcast the iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011. This event will span 9 cities across the globe to help developers learn from Apple experts.

If you’re in the iOS Developer Program, you are eligible to attend, but preference will be for those with an app in the App Store.

The schedule is as follows:

November 2 – Berlin
November 7 – London
November 9 – Rome
December 5 – Beijing
December 8 – Seoul
January 9 – São Paolo
January 13 – New York
January 18 – Seattle
January 23 – Austin

For Canadians, the closest locations would be Seattle and New York, however NYC is already sold out. Click here to check out a PDF of the Tech Talk Agenda, and let us know if your application to attend is accepted.


  • Gavin

    Wow. I had no idea Canada isn’t part of the world. Thanks a lot Apple.

  • Anonymous

    I think that they think that Canadians will just go to New York or Seattle.

  • Zilly

    Sorry unrelated, but Gary or anyone, can anyone tell me how to use Find My Friends on two devices under the same account????

  • Anonymous

    Depending on where you are. New York or Seattle are  relatively close……

  • Peter Yeung

    Yeah, it’s always disappointing that Toronto is never apart of any tech tours, Apple or otherwise.