Apple Launches New Web Campaign Called ‘Why There’s Nothing Quite Like iPhone’


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Today, Apple rolled out a new web campaign for the iPhone called “Why there’s nothing quite like iPhone.”

“Every iPhone we’ve made — and we mean every single one — was built on the same belief. That a phone should be more than a collection of features. That, above all, a phone should be absolutely simple, beautiful, and magical to use.”

The new campaign is highlighted on Apple’s main homepage as well as the iPhone sub pages. It includes a scrolling feature page drawing attention to a number of features from Apple and from iOS. The campaign is intended to show how the device stands out from its competition.

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The page also highlights the iPhone’s integration of hardware and software, camera capabilities, variety of available apps, and the company’s commitment to security and privacy features with Touch ID and Apple Pay.

“Security is serious. It’s why we invented Touch ID. A painstakingly engineered sensor that lets you unlock your phone with just your fingerprint. And iPhone keeps your print safe by never storing an image of it. Instead, it turns it into an intricate piece of math, which can’t be turned back into an image, re-created, replicated, or otherwise fiddled with. And we built a place especially for that piece of math called the Secure Enclave. It’s completely walled off from the rest of your phone, and it keeps your fingerprint encrypted and protected.

We can’t see it. “They” can’t see it. Not even you can see it.”

The campaign highlights how Apple includes a variety of built-in apps and tools to make everyday tasks easy. For example, the ability to make a text, audio, or video message, track your everyday activity, and control devices around your home with HomeKit.


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