Apple Launches Three New Mac TV Ads During London 2012 Olympics


The London 2012 Olympics had their opening ceremonies yesterday and during that time Apple launched three new Mac TV ads, profiling the magical Apple Genius. Check them out below:

Mayday: An Apple Genius shows a fellow passenger how easy it is to make great home movies with iMovie. All before the tray tables are returned to their upright position.

Basically: An Apple Genius points out there are a lot of things that separate a Mac from an ordinary computer, like great apps that come built in.

Labor Day: An Apple Genius shows a soon-to-be father all the amazing things he can make with iPhoto.

Mayday is probably the better commercial of the three, whereas Basically and Labor Day have acting that’s just a bit over the top (on the verge of cringeworthy for me). Which ad is your favourite?


  • mrideas

    They all have a cheese factor. But then so did their other cheeky ones too with the PC guy and the Mac guy! Entertaining at least. Of the three I like the mayday one best.

  • Yeah, these actors definitely were trying way too hard. The old Mac vs PC ads though were actually pretty funny.

  • I like these. Despite being cheesy, they do a good job of portraying the great things a Mac makes look easy – like how using a Mac can help highlight the important events in life. My fave is also the “Mayday” one.

  • Although I read an interesting viewpoint the other day that stated these commercials make that average Apple user appear “dumb”. After reading that and watching the commercials again, I can totally see that! It kind of makes us all look like bumbling idiots, who need to run to a Mac genius in order to do the simplest of tasks. I’m now kind of annoyed by it!