Apple ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ Live Stream Won’t Be Happening Tomorrow


If you’ve been trying to find news about a live stream for tomorrow’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ media event, you’re out of luck. 9to5Mac has confirmed there will be no live stream according to Apple PR reaching out to them:

Last year’s September media event was live streamed by Apple, but this year the only stream available will be at the Covent Garden Apple Store for members of the European press in London. We’ll be here to send out notable updates on twitter, so stay tuned.


  • Az

    No need for a stream, we all know what’s coming.

  • JfromK

    Suck +1…  Was hoping to watch.

  • Ex

    Garbage decision.

  • Adamo

    Does that mean there will be a video after? Almost like the WWDC video, just without the live stream…

  • Anonymous

    Meh. I’ve been following these things for years and a live stream, while nice, isn’t nessecary. I’m sure the This Is My Next/Verge live blog will be plenty sufficient. Also, they use ScribbleLive, so it updates in real time.

  • Junkmailinu

    I was
    also hoping for a live stream.  I think they did this because Cook will be
    presenting and may screw up.. If Jobs would have been presenting then we would
    have had live stream.. Shittzzzzy

  • Yes, that’s every time for all Apple media events.

  • Johna

    It could have been a technical one

  • Anonymous