Apple Lists Support Information For Third-Party Apple TV Content Providers on New Webpage



Apple has launched a new support page that allows Apple TV owners to learn more about the third-party content available on their set-top box.

The page lists general information about each content provider, including where the channel is available and if the channel requires a subscription. Almost every Apple TV channel listed also includes contact information or a link to the “contact us” page of that specific third-party content provider.


During their latest media event, Apple dropped the price of the Apple TV to $89 (CAD) making it even more affordable. Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that the $30 USD price cut ($20 CAD here) will allow more people around the world to enjoy Apple TV in their own homes.

It has been quite a while since the company refreshed the Apple TV, however, various reports are claiming that Apple will announce a new version of the device this year at WWDC. The reports claim that the device will gain Siri integration, allowing users to control the device with their voice.

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  • jabohn

    When I emailed this link to you guys the other day, ABC news said “USA Only”. I see that’s changed now, and indeed the ABC News channel is now accessible to Canadians.

  • jabohn

    Also note under Netflix Canada is not listed but it should be.

  • Thanks for your email, we have replied. Are you using ATV2 or ATV3? Seems ATV2 users now have access, whereas last year it launched for ATV3 users. Let us know!

  • jabohn

    Thanks Gary. I replied to your email just now. I have an ATV3 and I’m sure the channel wasn’t there before. The Apple support article for sure said “Available in the United States” when I sent you the email. Now it says Worldwide. No biggie, maybe it just didn’t refresh the channels for me until this week.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Does Crackle work for Canadians?

    I have it on my ATV but the app gives an error when I try to launch it and hasn’t worked for months.

  • Corey Beazer

    It works, you need to sign up online first (Its free).
    Thats where I watch “Comedians in Cars getting Coffee”

  • Christopher Jones

    $30 price drop? Maybe in the US, but it’s a $20 drop in Canada

  • You’re right. Updated, thanks!