Apple Maps Adds Support for Amtrak Stations in Canada, USA


Apple Maps recently added support for Amtrak stations in Canada and the USA, as spotted by a MacRumors reader.

As you can see below, Pacific Central station in Vancouver can be found within Apple Maps when searching for Amtrak:

IMG 0190 2 IMG 0191

Amtrak’s station in Montreal is also listed, adding support on top of Toronto’s Union Station from last fall.

The Amtrak Cascades route in the Pacific Northwest takes passengers from Vancouver to the United States, hitting stops such as Seattle (Washington State) and Portland and Eugene, in Oregon.

Apple Maps continues to be updated with more regional info, as back in August Transit support was added for Victoria and Vancouver.


  • swotam

    In Europe this would be useful. In North America, train travel is so brutally bad that it’s more of a warning than anything else… If something is frequently slower than driving, odds are it’s not going to do well.