Apple Maps Replaces Google Maps on


Apple Maps is slowly but steadily gaining ground in Apple’s ecosystem, pushing Google’s product out. The latest advancement in this matter was noticed by 9to5Mac: Apple has dropped Google Maps in’s Find My iPhone section.

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Apple had already been silently shaking Google’s position: it started by removing YouTube and Google Maps as default apps from iOS 6 and now continues with the web rollout of Apple Maps.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that the domain redirects to the Maps section of iOS on Apple’s official website. Besides that, Apple has been looking for developers to “design, develop, and maintain complex front-end code for a new secret project.” Since the project included a web platform as well, it triggered a wave of speculation that Apple may be bringing Maps to the web.

Although it remains to be seen whether this will become true, what we have already seen is that MapsConnect, a service launched by Apple for small businesses, already uses the web platform of Maps, so it may be closer than originally thought.


  • einsteinbqat

    They add other fly over maps. They deploy other features, yet submitting a problem to fix Montreal’s map doesn’t seem to do much. Pointless really.

  • nobody and everyone

    will be a cold day in hell before i start using apple maps over google :/

  • Tim

    Ugh, why can’t they retire this product? Let me use my google maps dammit…integrated google maps.