Apple Maps Now Supports Montreal Transit Directions [u]


Last year, when Apple previewed iOS 9 at WWDC and debuted upcoming changes to Apple Maps, Toronto was the only Canadian city to support Transit view directions.

That appears to have changed now, as iPhone in Canada readers have told us Montreal is now supported as well, as of two days ago.

IMG 0439

For Montreal transit users, just plan your route and you should see support for Transit view, as pictured above. For cities where Transit view is not supported, a message noting “Transit directions are not available in this area,” with a link to other Routing apps such as TransitApp.

Let us know if you’ve been using Transit view for Montreal in Apple Maps, and if you’re seeing support for other Canadian cities in the comments below.

Thanks Hugo, Ryan!

Update: Apple Maps for the GTA also recently gained Durham Region Transit support, as of the past few weeks (thanks @twinparent).


  • Jay

    I feel like apple has been going through the Google maps feature list just trying to keep up. They’re getting closer….
    They’re only 5 years behind now

  • MGSayah

    The only thing missing from Apple Maps is the “avoid Toll roads” feature.

  • websnap

    See, this is sort of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” sort of thing. There are really good apps on iOS for transit that are very comprehensive in a lot of cities. If apple adds the feature, they are screwing small developers. If they don’t add it, they are behind google.

    For all of android’s openness, Google makes their best apps out of necessity or they won’t really exist in quality on the platform. Because iOS’s ecosystem is so healthy, they run the risk of alienating developers when they add sweeping and robust features.

    Again, it’s not that they haven’t and it’s not that they don’t alienate devs with added features in the past, but they definitely need to be more careful adding stuff than google does when keeping the larger ecosystem in mind. Personally, I like Transit – and it ties into Maps as well – but there are quite a few really good one. I can’t imagine it is a priority.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    to be clear its not just STM added (island of montreal)

    they have also added RTL (south shore transit) STL (laval transit) and AMT (commuter trains)

  • What I like about Apple Maps integrating Transit in Montreal is the fact I can save bus stops to my favorites and they get synced to all my Apple devices.. killer feature for me.. though I still keep Transit app handy.