Apple Maps Transit Directions for Calgary Could Be Coming Soon [PIC]


Apple Maps has some work to do when it comes to transit directions in Canada, as only three cities are supported: Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto. But the next addition on the list could include the first city for Alberta: Calgary.

According to iPhone in Canada reader Steve, bus stop markers are now showing in Apple Maps when previously they were absent. Unfortunately, these markers do not include any bus times or schedules yet, but suggests a launch may be coming soon.

Apple maps transit calgary

Last July, Apple officially announced Transit support for Victoria and Vancouver, while later in the fall, users saw support for Amtrak stations in Canada as well.

When iOS 9 launched in 2015, the only Canadian city with Transit view support was Toronto. Two years later, only Victoria and Vancouver are the additional cities to support transit view, sadly.

Update: Forgot to mention Apple Maps added support for Montreal and the Durham Region in the GTA last April. Oh, and Barrie and Windsor too (thanks everyone).

If you take public transit, the one app you should probably use instead of Apple Maps is Transit app, which also supports real-time crowdsourcing for select provinces.


  • jay

    Just stop it. Apple maps is so bad always wrong direction or can not find it. So many times google had to jump in and help out.

  • Tim

    The only reason I would ever use Apple Maps is if I were driving and the interface prevented me from directing it to “open in google maps”. Their only value is that they keep Google from becoming complacent with their iphone maps product.

  • +1 on keeping Google in check. I never use Apple Maps either.

  • Mamba

    Apple really needs to make it A LOT more accurate and updated.

  • Gary Bowen

    Nice, I’ve noticed they’ve mapped out some of the C-Train stations in Calgary too.

  • bbousquet

    I’m using it regularly for driving (In QC) and it’s fine. I’ve also used it overseas (in France) and for public transportation and walking around in San José (CA).

    I rarely encounter issues with it, if at all. Its main weakness is the POI database.

  • jay

    i used it in ottawa and toronto. it is just not good enough. so many times i end up in the wrong place and have to use google which works just perfect.

  • jay

    I can show you five places around Toronto they are not right or you can not go there with apple maps