Apple Music and iTunes Match Details Revealed by Eddy Cue on Twitter


Apple’s iTunes Chief Eddy Cue has been taking full advantage of Twitter lately as his medium for sharing news. We first heard of Apple’s change of heart to pay musicians during Apple Music’s free trial via his Twitter account (in response to Taylor Swift), and now in a series of tweet replies, Cue has shared more details of the streaming music service set to go live on Tuesday, June 30 at 9AM PDT.

Cue explains Apple Music will have iTunes Match integration, meaning those who subscribe to the latter can just take advantage of one subscription:

As for song limits within Apple Music, Cue explains at launch, there will be a 25,000 song limit like iTunes Match, but Apple is “working to get 100K for iOS 9”, which would quadruple the previous limit.

As for existing Beats Music subscription playlists, Cue explains an upcoming Beats iOS update will allow customers to migrate their playlists to Apple Music.

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Apple continues to share tidbits of information on Apple Music leading up to its June 30 launch, as marketing efforts will surely keep ramping up until Tuesday.


  • Flash

    I still don’t get it – I have iTunes Match right now, can I transfer to Apple music and keep all my tracks, or do I need to download my library to my Mac, sign up for Apple music and reupload? I only want one subscription.

  • As time draws near, I’m starting to get excited to give this service a spin. I’m totally committed to Google Music currently as my soul provider for music, and I hope Apple Music will blow Google away with integration to the OS

  • From what I interpreted if you sign up for Apple Music and you already are an iTunes Match user, it should be a seamless transition. I don’t think you’ll need to re-upload.

  • Mac

    *sole provider.


  • Hah! Right you are. My bad.

  • Kirk

    Yeah it would make more sense this way. I already have over 3000 songs in the cloud integrated it would be silly for the transition to not be seamless

  • Kirk

    This is all good and well but what about those folks (like myself) who just recently renewed their iTunes Match subscription? I did it in March and I guess I get no compensation for that if I sign up for Apple Music? Kinda sucky… But I’ll still sign up. I know we get 3month trial but doesn’t cover the year I paid for.

  • I would definitely email customer support and see what they can do, maybe even prorate your subscription or something.

  • Kirk

    I always feel like emails fall in a black hole or something… Maybe I’ll call. I’ll tell you what apple says

  • Kirk

    Called customer support and they said they have no idea. Even their managers had no idea. They said to call back after the launch… They didn’t confirm anything about Canada but I’m sure we should be in the launch.